2007-05-06  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.46
	* QueryData.pm (version): removed (Invalid as of WN 3.0)
	* test.pm: remove tests for pre-3.0 WN; update tests for WN 3.0
	* README, QueryData.pm: update documentation of WN version to 3.0
	* Makefile.PL: update default WN paths

2006-10-16  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.45
	* QueryData.pm (_initialize): move errorString and errorVal
	initialization here (so that variables are specific to each
	instantiation of the module)
	* QueryData.pm (getResetError): return error information, reset
	error variables
	* QueryData.pm (offset): update to use error variables via $self
	* test.pm: test error handling for offset function

2006-10-16  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.44
	* QueryData.pm: add "use vars" for new variables
	* QueryData.pm (offset): fix syntax error

2006-10-15  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.43
	* QueryData.pm (offset): add error handling
	* QueryData.pm ($errorString): new package variable
	* QueryData.pm ($errorVal): new package variable

2006-10-05  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.42
2006-10-05  Hugh S. Myers

	* QueryData.pm (offset): return undef if anything is undefined

2005-12-30  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.40
2005-12-30  Gregory Marton

	* QueryData.pm (getWordPointers): $src is a hex, convert it to
	decimal before trying to use it as an array index

2005-09-15  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.39
	* test.pl: remove old (1.6, 1.7, 1.71) tests
	* test.pl: update tests for 2.1
	* QueryData.pm (@indexFilePC,@dataFilePC): delete; no longer used (2.1)
	* QueryData.pm (@indexFileUnix,@dataFileUnix): remove Unix suffix
	* QueryData.pm (loadIndex,openData): update for new variable names
	* QueryData.pm: update instances of WordNet 2.0 to 2.1
	* QueryData.pm: update beginning of file w/ correct copyright, remove
	my e-mail address
	* QueryData.pm (%lexnames): new variable; encodes data from old
	lexnames file
	* QueryData.pm (_initialize): don't load lex names
	* QueryData.pm (loadLexnames): removed; no longer useful
	* QueryData.pm (lexname): use new %lexnames variable
	* QueryData.pm ($lexnamesFile): deleted; no longer used
2005-09-14  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm (indexFilePC,dataFilePC): now considered to be
	deprecated (since WordNet 2.1 uses unix file names exclusively
	* QueryData.pm: delete deprecated variables and functions
	* QueryData.pm (%relation_sym): deleted
	* QueryData.pm (remove_duplicates): deleted
	* QueryData.pm (get_pointers): deleted
	* QueryData.pm (get_all_words): deleted
	* QueryData.pm (get_words): deleted
	* QueryData.pm (query): deleted
	* QueryData.pm (valid_forms): deleted
	* QueryData.pm (list_all_words): deleted
	* README: update to reflect known validForms bug
	* README: update copyright dates
	* QueryData.pm: update documentation to reflect known validForms bug
	* QueryData.pm: update copyright dates

2005-09-14  Ben Haskell

	* QueryData.pm: Note that many hypo/hyper-nym relationships have
	been replaced by "instance of" and "has instance" relations; the
	new querySense arguments are 'inst' and 'hasi'; 'hypes' returns
	all hypernym and "instance of" relations; 'hypos' returns all
	hyponyms and "has instance" relations
	* QueryData.pm: update for WordNet 2.1: add new entries
	(inst,hypes,hasi,hypos) in %relNameSym and relSymName

2004-11-10  Beata Klebanov

	* QueryData.pm: Identified the following bug:
	validForms("hating#v") returns ["hate#v", "hat#v"]; problem is
	that only the first matching rule of detachment (with a
	corresponding entry in Wordnet) should be used.
	validForms/forms/_forms/tokenDetach code needs to be restructured
	to reflect this.

2004-11-10  Beata Klebanov

	* release 1.38
	* QueryData.pm (tokenDetach): change match pattern from \w+ to .+;
	old code wasn't matching words with hyphens! (e.g. go-karts)
	* test.pl: added "go-karts" test

2004-11-10  Jason Michelizzi

	* release 1.37
	* QueryData.pm (frequency): new function
	* QueryData.pm (documentation): add "frequency" entry
	* test.pl: added tests for frequency()
2004-11-10  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.36
	* QueryData.pm (documentation): revise queryWord vs. querySense

2004-09-03  Jason Rennie

	* README: add pointer to NMake information for Windows

2004-08-25  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.35
	* QueryData.pm (loadExclusions): if there are two entries for the
	same word, append to the list created by earlier entries (thanks
	for Jerry D. Hedden for spotting the bug (validForms("involucra")
	didn't produce involucre#n due to later involcra->involcrum
	exclusion entry)
	* test.pl: add involucra->involucre test

2004-08-24  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.34
	* QueryData.pm (lexnamesFile): new top-level variable
	* QueryData.pm (loadLexnames): new function
	* QueryData.pm (lexname): new function
	* QueryData.pm: add lexname documentation
	* test.pl: add lexname tests
	* README: remove e-mail addresses (to reduce spam)
	* ChangeLog: remove e-mail addresses (to reduce spam)

2004-07-14  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.33
	documentation (kudos to Jason R Michelizzi for pointing out that
	this needed updating)

2003-10-08  Jason R Michelizzi

	* release 1.31
	* QueryData.pm: add new symbols to %relNameSym and %relSymName;
	QueryData should work perfectly with WordNet 2.0 now.
	Changed documentation to reflect this.
	* test.pl: updated tests for 2.0

2003-09-25  Jason Rennie

	* test.pl: move "cat#n" test to version-specific area (8 senses in 2.0)
2003-09-17  Jason R Michelizzi

	* release 1.30
	* QueryData.pm (queryWord): updates to fix handling of type (2) strings
	* test.pl: updated queryWord tests

2003-09-08  Jason R Michelizzi

	* release 1.29
	* QueryData.pm (getWord): debug
	* QueryData.pm (queryWord): debug
	* test.pl: updated queryWord tests
2003-05-02  Siddharth A Patwardhan

	* QueryData.pm (loadIndex): remember WordNet path

2003-04-03  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.28

	* QueryData.pm ($version): make into a package variable

	* QueryData.pm (queryWord): warn if called; certain aspects of
	queryWord do not work as they should; see commented out tests in
	test.pl for examples of what doesn't work

2002-12-04  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.27
	* test.pl: add detachment tests; postpone queryWord tests

	* QueryData.pm: add new detachment rules; warn that 1.6 and 1.7
	are no longer officially supported
2002-08-06  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.26
	* QueryData.pm (wnPrefixUnix, wnPrefixPC): don't prepend WNHOME to
2002-07-30  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.25
	* QueryData.pm (validForms): return forms for all POS's if no POS
	* QueryData.pm: only lowercase when necessary (index.* lookups)
	* QueryData.pm (getAllSenses): return word straight from data.*
	* QueryData.pm (getSense): return word straight from data.*
	* QueryData.pm (querySense): type (1) & (2): use same capitalization
	as query
	* QueryData.pm (queryWord): type (1): use same capitalization as query
	* QueryData.pm (getWordPointers): lower($word), ignore case in
	* QueryData.pm (loadExclusions): don't lowercase words
	* QueryData.pm (loadIndex): don't lowercase words
	* QueryData.pm (forms): don't lowercase words
	* QueryData.pm (delMarker): new function
	* QueryData.pm (underscore): new function
	* QueryData.pm (tagSenseCnt): new function
	* QueryData.pm (loadIndex): store tagsense_cnt information
	* Makefile.PL: update default directories to v1.7.1
	* QueryData.pm (wnHomeUnix, wnHomePC): update to v1.7.1
	* test.pl: update for v1.7.1
	* test.pl: add tests for syntactic marker, capitalization, tagSenseCnt
	* QueryData.pm (documentation): Use "type" to describe different
	levels of query specificity
2002-06-27  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.24
	* test.pl: add test to check for hex parsing
	* QueryData.pm (getWordPointers): bugfix: parse source/target as
	hexidecimal (thanks to Peter Turney for spotting the bug)
2002-06-20  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.23
	* test.pl: add test to check for hex conversion
	* QueryData.pm (getSensePointers): convert $st from hexidecimal
	* QueryData.pm (getWordPointers): convert $tgt from hexidecimal

2002-06-12  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.22
	* Makefile.PL: die if WNHOME isn't set and the neither the windows
	nor the unix default directory exists (so that CPAN tests will
	die prematurely if WordNet is not installed---will prevent false
	* QueryData.pm (getWord): bugfix: convert $w_cnt from hexadecimal
	(thanks to Peter Turney for spotting the bug)
2002-06-11  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.21
	* test.pl: make tests reflect changes
	* QueryData.pm (_forms): return original word (in addition to morph
	exclusion or rules of detachment forms)

2002-06-11  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.20
	* QueryData.pm (_forms): new function
	* QueryData.pm (forms): check morph exclusions for tokens of
	collocations; use a recursive organization.

2002-06-11  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.19
	* test.pl: add tests to cover changes
	* QueryData.pm (tokenDetach): new function
	* QueryData.pm (forms): if word is in morph exclusion table, return
	that entry, otherwise use rules of detachment; don't check morph excl.
	table for parts of collocations (may want to change this later)
	* QueryData.pm (querySense): given word#pos query, use underscores for
	spaces in any retured words
	* QueryData.pm (lower): translate ' ' to '_'

2002-04-12  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.18
	* QueryData.pm (querySense): fix bug in "glos" lookup (no varaible
	for pattern match, m//)
	* test.pl: some tests still used old functions; use new ones
2002-04-07  Jason Rennie

	* release 1.17
	* QueryData.pm: update documentation
	* test.pl: update to use new functions; increment counter to print
	test numbers; only run relevant tests (use version)
	* QueryData.pm (relSymName, relNameSym): new maps
	* QueryData.pm (getSense, getWord, getSensePointers,
	getWordPointers, querySense, queryWord): important new query
	functions; distinguish between sense relations and word/lemma
	* QueryData.pm (removeDupliates, getAllSenses, validForms,
	listAllWords): renamed functions
	* QueryData.pm (remove_duplicates, get_all_words, valid_forms,
	list_all_words, get_word, query, get_pointers): deprecated
	* QueryData.pm (lower): strip syntactic marker (if any)
	* QueryData.pm (loadExclusions, loadIndex, openData): correctly
	handle WNSEARCHDIR environment variable; use correct directory
	separator (PC/Unix)
	* QueryData.pm (version): new function
2002-04-05  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm (querySense, queryWord): new functions
	* QueryData.pm (query): Deprecated.  Use querySense instead.

2002-04-03  Jason Rennie

	* README: add citation

2002-04-02  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm: revise man page
	* test.pl: update numbering
	* QueryData.pm (load_index): try both Unix and PC file names
	* QueryData.pm (open_data): try both Unix and PC file names
	* release 1.16

2002-04-01  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm (load_exclusions): words may have multiple listed
	exclusions in the *.exc files; fix code to read in all of them;
	bug reported by Bano
	* release 1.15
2002-03-21  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm (offset): use 'defined' to check for good query string;
	bug ("0#n#1") discovered by Bano
	* release 1.14

2001-11-25  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm (get_word): eliminate syntactic marker (previously
	fixed this in get_all_words); bug discovered by Satanjeev Banerjee
	* test.pl: add syntactic marker check (authority#n#4)
	* release 1.13

2001-11-22  Jason Rennie

	* test.pl ($wnDir): use WNHOME environment variable
	* test.pl: update tests for WordNet 1.7; identify which tests work
	for 1.6 and which work for 1.7
	* release 1.12

2001-11-22  Eric Joanis

	* QueryData.pm (remove_duplicates): new function
	* QueryData.pm (forms): use it

2001-09-12  John Asmuth

	* QueryData.pm ($wordnet_dir): use WNHOME environment variable

2001-02-26  Luigi Bianchi

	* README: added an installation procedure for Windows

2000-09-12  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm (list_all_words): new function
	* test.pl: add test for list_all_words

2000-05-04  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm (_initialize, query): explicitly set value of input
	record separator; restore old value before returning

2000-03-31  Eric Joanis

	* QueryData.pm (%relation_sym): '#' is holonym symbol, '%' is
	meronym symbol.  Previously had this backwards.

2000-03-28  Eric Joanis

	* QueryData.pm (%relation_sym): don't escape dollar-sign
	* QueryData.pm (get_all_words): fix problems with "new to(p)"
	by removing "(p)"

2000-03-22  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm (offset): new function
	* test.pl: add test for offset

2000-03-21  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm (get_pointers, get_all_words): fix minor bug in
	data file parsing

2000-03-10  Jason Rennie

	* test.pl: Test for new glos code

2000-03-10  John Matiasek

	* QueryData.pm: Allow access to glossary definitions (glos)

2000-02-22  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm: Rewrite documentation; disallow long relation names
	* QueryData.pm (query): use single regex (like valid_forms);
	clean up code a bit
	* QueryData.pm (level): new function

2000-02-02  Keith J. Miller

	* QueryData.pm (forms): make consistent with query syntax;
	don't return immediately if we find a morph exclusion entry
	* QueryData.pm (valid_forms): new function
	* test.pl: make tests consistent with changes, add checks for
	new function

1999-10-22  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm: update documentation to look a bit nicer

1999-09-15  Jason Rennie

	* README: make specific to QueryData
	* README: rewrite to correspond to Query
	* test.pl: rename from my_test.pl
	* my_test.pl: add test 12; test long POS names
	* QueryData.pm (get_all_words): fix
	* QueryData.pm: allow long relation names; allow long POS names;
	check for illegal POS

1999-09-14  Jason Rennie

	* my_test.pl: nice test suite for QueryData 1.2.
	* QueryData.pm: first draft of direct access to WordNet data
	files; 'new'ing is slow; about 15 seconds on my PII/400.  Memory
	consumption using WordNet 1.6 is appx. 16M.  Still need to
	integrate forms into query.  query requires the word form to be
	exactly like that in WordNet (although caplitalization may differ)

1999-09-13  Jason Rennie

	* my_test.pl: test corpus for QueryData

1999-09-13  Jason Rennie

	* QueryData.pm: access data files directly; us a more OO style of
	coding; initialization (new) code is pretty much done; forms is