David E. Wheeler
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.29

  • As in Test::Builder 0.81_01, changed the message for extra tests run to show the number of tests run rather than the number extra to avoid the user having to do mental math. --theory
  • Fixed the test summary to be a `<pre>` tag instead of a `<div>` with a style attribute to make the output match. --jbisbee
  • Fixed Test.Builder so that it no longer wraps errors in a `<span>` tag now that we're appending to a text node (They don't don't get turned DOM elements). --jbisbee
  • Fixed bug with `canOK()`. It only checked objects prototype and not the object itself. This means that if you had this code
    • function TestObject() { this.myMethod = function() {}; } TestObject.prototype.protoMethod = function() {};
    • var testObject = new TestObject(); canOK( testObject, 'myMethod', 'protoMethod' );
    • then `canOK()` in its previous form would not find `myMethod`. It now actually checks to see if you pass in instantiated objects.a --jbisbee
  • Fixed a bug when testing a DOM element's `scrollTop` attribute within a browser harness IFRAME that is 0X0 "display: none". We now Default all harness `iframe`s to be both hidden and 1x1 pixels. Yes, there may be a little square in some browsers that don't properly hide the iframe, but at least tests that work outside the harness will now also work within it --jbisbee
  • Documented how to use `Test.Harness.Browser` without JSAN. --jbisbee
  • Fix a summary bug in `Test.Builder` -- it wasn't reporting failures! failed any tests, it wasn't reporting them! Thanks to Jeff Platter for finding and fixing this issue. --jbisbee
  • Moved source code to GitHub. Clone it from git://github.com/theory/js-test-simple.git!
  • Got `Test.Harness.Browser` working on Firefox again. Thanks to Nikolas Coukouma for pointing me at the solution.
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