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John Siracusa
Rose::DB::Object - Object representation of a single row in a database table.
Rose::DB::Object::Cached - Memory cached object representation of a single row in a database table.
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Date - Create date-related methods for Rose::DB::Object-derived objects.
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Generic - Create generic object methods for Rose::DB::Object-derived objects.
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Pg - Create PostgreSQL-specific object methods for Rose::DB::Object-derived objects.
Rose::DB::Object::MakeMethods::Std - Create object methods related to Rose::DB::Object::Std-derived objects.
Rose::DB::Object::Manager - Fetch multiple Rose::DB::Object-derived objects from the database.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata - Database object metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column - Base class for an object encapsulation of database column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Bitfield - Bitfield column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Blob - Binary large object column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Boolean - Boolean column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Character - Character column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Datetime - Datetime column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DatetimeYearToMinute - Datetime year to minute column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::DatetimeYearToSecond - Datetime year to second column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Decimal - Decimal column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Float - Floating-point column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Integer - Integer column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Numeric - Numeric column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Pg::Chkpass - PostgreSQL CHKPASS column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Scalar - Scalar column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Serial - Serial column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Timestamp - Timestamp column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::Column::Varchar - Variable-length character column metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::Metadata::ForeignKey - Foreign key metadata.
Rose::DB::Object::QueryBuilder - Build SQL queries on behalf of Rose::DB::Object::Manager.
Rose::DB::Object::Std - Standardized object representation of a single row in a database table.
Rose::DB::Object::Std::Cached - Memory cached standardized object representation of a single row in a database table.
Rose::DB::Object::Std::Metadata - Standardized database object metadata.
Rose::DB::Objects::Iterator - Iterate over a series of Rose::DB::Objects.
Rose::DB::Object::Constants in lib/Rose/DB/Object/Constants.pm
Changes for version 0.022
  • Fixed POD error that was throwing off search.cpan.org.

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