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John Siracusa

Changes for version 0.60

  • Added arbitrary-depth auto-joins to the Manager using a "dot-chained" syntax (e.g., vendor.regions.code)
  • Added make_modules() method to the loader.
  • Added pre_init_hook() method to metadata objects and the loader.
  • Added overflow attribute to control the behavior when a scalar, character, or varchar column value is too long. Possible values are "fatal" (the default), "truncate", and "warn".
  • Serial columns are now detected correctly even when DBI returns a column type of integer or bigint. (Reported by Cees Hek)
  • Added support for bigserial columns.
  • Enum columns now have their list of valid values printed correctly by the perl_hash_definition() method. (Reported by Juan Camacho)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the loader to trip over mixed-case unique keys in MySQL databases. (Reported by Juan Camacho)
  • Force MDY dates in Postgres in the test suite, just in case the user has European dates configured. (Reported by Cees Hek)
  • Fixed numerous Postgres 7.x bugs. (Reported by Cees Hek)
  • Modified the benchmark suite to further confine each module to its own private set of database rows in order to eliminate the influence of run order during the tests.
  • Worked around SQLite ORDER BY bugs in order to make the test suite function correctly.
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