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John Siracusa

Changes for version 0.73

  • The new setup() method is now the officially recommended way to set up class metadata.
  • Updated the documentation and the generated Perl code to use the new setup() method.
  • Related classes are now loaded automatically by default. Added the auto_load_related_classes metadata attribute to control this behavior.
  • Added the pk_columns() alias for the primary_key_columns() method.
  • Added insert_or_update() and insert_or_update_on_duplicate_key() helper methods. (Suggested by Guillermo Roditi)
  • The Loader now automatically skips tables without primary keys.
  • Moved some database introspection code to a new version of Rose::DB, which this version of Rose::DB::Object now requires.
  • Non-null character columns are now detected correctly in Informix.
  • Fixed many bugs related to explicit and auto-detected column defaults.
  • Corrected the return value of Rose::DB::Object::Cached's load() method to match that of the standard load(). (Reported by Randal Schwartz)
  • Fixed a bug that caused chkpass columns to be erased after some save()s. (Reported by Cees Hek)
  • Added an option to use InnoDB with MySQL in the benchmark suite.
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