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John Siracusa

Changes for version 0.75

  • Added a cascade option to save().
  • Added auto-detection one one-to-one relationships to the Loader.
  • The object_class parameter to Manager methods now defaults to the return value of the object_class() class method.
  • The soft() and referential_integrity() methods of the ManyToOne and OneToOne relationship classes have been renamed to optional() and required(), respectively. The old method names still work, but may be removed at some later date. Also, the default values are now determined by a new set of rules, rather than a constant.
  • Passing invalid query parameters to Manager methods will now cause a fatal error.
  • Scalar references now work correctly when used in IN(...) queries built by QueryBuilder. (Patch by Perrin Harkins)
  • Fixed a bug that caused get_set_on_save methods to fail for certain kinds of ...-to-one relationships.
  • Ignore empty "and" and "or" query parameters in QueryBuilder. (Suggested by Jonathan Vanasco)
  • Fixed a bug that caused update() to fail for tables where all columns are part of the primary key. (Reported by Danial Pearce)
  • Minor tweaks to the subselect-based limit/offset code.
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