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John Siracusa

Changes for version 0.761

  • Added the ability to specify a unique key by name in calls to load().
  • Added support for query_args and other Manager parameters to one-to-one and one-to-many relationships.
  • Added a "find" method type to one-to-many relationships for ad-hoc queries.
  • Added support for Informix's "datetime year to month" column type.
  • Updated the dbh() method to be a more conventional proxy for ->db->dbh().
  • The get_objects() and delete_objects() Manager methods now accept a lone arrayref or hashref argument as a short way to specify the value of the "query" parameter.
  • Eliminated warning in the BigNum column type when the GMP math library is not installed.
  • Added a double precision column type and class for Postgres.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cascaded save() to fail to cascade beyond a set-on-save related object.
  • Improved reporting of errors in auto-loaded related modules.
  • Fixed a bug that caused numeric columns to have invalid length restrictions. (Reported by Fred Cox)
  • Fixed many incorrect skip counts in the test suite when running against Postgres without CHKPASS support.
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