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John Siracusa

Changes for version 0.765

  • Added a value_type attribute to SET columns.
  • Added a normalize_get_objects_args() utility method to make custom Manager methods less cumbersome to implement.
  • Setting a BigInt column to undef no longer sets it to zero. (Reported by Jeffrey Horn)
  • Corrected error propagation in many-to-many "find" methods when bad arguments are passed. (Reported by Michael Reece)
  • Added "use strict" the output of perl_manager_class().
  • Restored default use of table aliases in Manager queries. The new table_aliases parameter can be used to alter the behavior.
  • Added support for literal sort_by parameters using scalar references.
  • Added is/is_not comparison operators to QueryBuilder. (Suggested by Jonathan Vanasco)
  • Scalar references appearing in the select => ... list in Manager calls are now passed through unmodified.
  • Existing map records are now correctly checked for when adding items through a many-to-many relationship. (Reported by Drew Taylor)
  • Using a nonexistent column name in a primary or unique key is now a fatal error. (Reported by Philip Dye)
  • Multi-columns "select count(distinct ...)" queries now fall back to count(*) on a subselect in databases that do not support calling count on multi-argument distinct clauses. (Reported by Derek Watson)
  • The auto-init system will now skip Postgres functional indexes when extracting unique keys. (Reported by Jonathan Vanasco)
  • Fixed a bug that caused inner joins to be used inappropriately in certain cases with many-to-many relationships or when nested joins are disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the auto-init system to fold multiple foreign keys that reference the same remote key into a single multi-column foreign key. (Reported by Marlon Bailey)
  • Fixed a Manager bug that caused count queries to use incorrect table aliases when passed empty with_objects or require_objects array reference values. (Reported by Denis Moskowitz)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented relationship and foreign key names from being resolved when used in nested query parameters.
  • Relationship count methods no longer die when the count is zero. (Reported by Derek Watson)
  • Setting enum fields to undef now works correctly. (Reported by Ovid)
  • Columns with custom DBI bind attributes are now updated correctly. (Reported by Derek Watson)
  • Epoch columns with zero (0) default values now work correctly. (Reported by Peter Karman)
  • Setting boolean columns to null (undef) now works correctly. (Reported by Derek Watson)
  • Fixed a bug that caused literal query parameters with bind arguments to become corrupted after their first use.
  • Changed the way classes are registered in order to fix a Loader bug that caused cross-database foreign keys to be erroneously created when tables with the same names exists in two different databases. (Reported by Adrian Howard)
  • Deleting one-to-one related objects on save now works correctly. (Reported by Ovid)
  • The "find" method for many-to-many relationships now propagates custom Manager arguments correctly. (Patch by Michael Reece)
  • The use_key parameter to load() now dies if an invalid key is passed. (Reported by Jonathan Vanasco)
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