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John Siracusa

Changes for version 0.766

  • Added the unique_key_by_name() metadata method.
  • Added the ability to do unrestricted joins in some circumstances.
  • Added the remember_all() class method to Rose::DB::Object::Cached.
  • Added the undef_overrides_default column attribute.
  • The key_column() method in the ForeignKey class now works correctly. (Patch by Christopher Masto)
  • Further synced datetime and timestamp method-maker code.
  • Added a test suite exclusion for DBD::SQLite 1.14, which still suffers from this bug: http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=21472
  • Improved detection of fatal errors during class setup.
  • Added a "gotchas" section to the Loader documentation.
  • Fixed propagation of db objects in update and delete Manager methods.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some cached SQL to persist incorrectly after inheritance. (Patch by Daniel Koch)
  • Fiddled with not_found() detection. (Changes suggested by Philip Dye)
  • Made one-to-one relationships (attempt to) work even when uniqueness is not apparent in the metadata.
  • The Loader no longer chokes on SQLite columns that use the current_timestamp keyword. (Reported by George Hartzell)
  • Setting undef integer attributes to zero is now correctly detected as a modification.
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