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Changes for version 0.5

  • removed memory leak associated with "return sub { ... }"
  • overhauled Config.pm, now maintains previous configuration when upgrading Mason (suggested by Patrick Kane)
  • made filename processing compatible with Windows 32 (suggested by Rafael Weinstein)
  • removed requirement of File::Tools/File::Recurse, replaced with standard File::Find
  • switched output to STDOUT from $r->print, to facilitate chaining with other mod_perl tools
  • switched to standard argument processing code, now handles multi-part forms [modus]
  • added Parser options 'preprocess' and 'postprocess' (submitted by Philip Gwyn)
  • added Parser option 'in_package' (submitted by Philip Gwyn)
  • added facilities for using globals in components: Parser option 'allow_globals' and Interp method 'set_global'
  • documented how to integrate Mason with Apache::Session
    • modus
  • ** changed behavior of reload_file mode to read directly from object files [mschmick]. If you use reload files, you're now responsible for creating object files.
  • reduced number of file stats when loading components
    • mschmick
  • added ApacheHandler option apache_status_title, cleaned up status (submitted by Philip Gwyn)
  • upgraded FakeApache/debug files to work with mod_perl 1.19
  • added documentation about how debug files work
  • mentioned mailing lists, masonhq.com web site, and FAQ in the documentation and README
  • improved documentation on how to integrate images and non-Mason hierarchies with Mason
  • differentiated mc_cache and mc_cache_self in the commands manual (suggested by Tom Hukins)
  • increased discouraging of SDBM, improved warnings when cache store fails (suggested by Patrick Kane)
  • fixed HTML documentation to work with IE (suggested by Fen Lebalme)
  • fixed infinite loop in ApacheHandler dhandler search (submitted by Chuck O'Donnell)
  • documented Parser method parse()
  • added cache actions 'expire' and 'keys'
  • corrected Parser to properly handle \ in components (submitted by Ken Williams)
  • ** took Preview out of Mason.pm; ApacheHandler used only if mod_perl environment. If you use the previewer, you now have to explicitly "use HTML::Mason::Preview" in your handler.pl.
  • improved documentation about argument/GET/POST handling (suggested by Ken Williams)
  • added cache option 'busy_lock' (suggested by Dennis Watson)
  • inserted work-around for Perl 5.005 $r scoping bug (submitted by Rafael Weinstein)
  • fixed "new CGI" example in Components.pod (submitted by Austin Lin)
  • fixed "return if content-type..." line in handler.pl and Mason.pod (submitted by Patrick Kane)
  • added CREDITS file
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