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Jonathan Swartz

Changes for version 0.88

  • Fixed broken Parser postprocessor code (broken since 0.85). Added tests for this code path as well as the preprocessor feature. (Reported by Tim Bishop).
  • Replaced lots of simple accessors with new HTML::Mason::MethodMaker (which just makes simple read-only and read-write accessor methods).
  • Removed all direct hash key access from one object into another.
  • Removed all unneeded uses of Exporter in various modules.
  • Added warning about using mod_perl as a DSO to README file.
  • Added 'cgi_object' method to HTML::Mason::Request::ApacheHandler. This method returns the CGI object Mason uses internally (unless you're using Apache::Request instead in which case its a fatal error). Added documentation for this. (suggested by many people).
  • Squashed warning in assignment to %ARGS in component sub body.
  • Fixed call_method and scall_method to take arbitrary list of args instead of hash.
  • Fixed expression escape flags to allow arbitrary following whitespace. (reported by Mikhail Zabaluev)
  • Added FAQ on how to handle file uploads.
  • $m->cache returns the value stored on a successful store action.
  • Reduced memory usage by removing unneeded uses of various modules. On my box I see about a 500k or so reduction in memory use (Dave).
  • Removed all uses of the IO::* modules.
  • Mason seems to be working under a mod_perl DSO, at least under mod_perl 1.24 and Apache 1.3.12. This probably has nothing to do with Mason but the very adventurous are encouraged to experiment with a mod_perl DSO and report back to the mason list.
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