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Jonathan Swartz
Components.pod - Former Developer's Guide
Devel.pod - Mason Developer's Manual
HTML::Mason::Admin - Mason Administrator's Guide
HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler - Mason/mod_perl interface
HTML::Mason::Commands - Old Mason command reference
HTML::Mason::Component - Mason Component Class
HTML::Mason::Interp - Mason Component Interpreter
HTML::Mason::Parser - Mason Component Parser
HTML::Mason::Request - Mason Request Class
Mason - High-performance, dynamic web site authoring system
Bundle::HTML::Mason - A bundle to install the HTML::Mason package
HTML::Mason::MethodMaker - Used to create simple get & get/set methods in other classes
HTML::Mason::Tests - Test harness for testing Mason
Apache::Mason in lib/Apache/Mason.pm
HTML::Mason in lib/HTML/Mason.pm
HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler in lib/HTML/Mason/ApacheHandler.pm
HTML::Mason::Commands in lib/HTML/Mason/ApacheHandler.pm
HTML::Mason::Commands in lib/HTML/Mason/Commands.pm
HTML::Mason::Component in lib/HTML/Mason/Component.pm
HTML::Mason::Component::FileBased in lib/HTML/Mason/Component/FileBased.pm
HTML::Mason::Component::Subcomponent in lib/HTML/Mason/Component/Subcomponent.pm
HTML::Mason::FakeApache in lib/HTML/Mason/FakeApache.pm
HTML::Mason::FakeApache::Connection in lib/HTML/Mason/FakeApache.pm
HTML::Mason::FakeApache::Server in lib/HTML/Mason/FakeApache.pm
HTML::Mason::Interp in lib/HTML/Mason/Interp.pm
HTML::Mason::Parser in lib/HTML/Mason/Parser.pm
HTML::Mason::Preview in lib/HTML/Mason/Preview.pm
HTML::Mason::Preview::Apache in lib/HTML/Mason/Preview.pm
HTML::Mason::Preview::Apache::Debug in lib/HTML/Mason/Preview.pm
HTML::Mason::Preview::Apache::Server in lib/HTML/Mason/Preview.pm
HTML::Mason::Request in lib/HTML/Mason/Request.pm
HTML::Mason::Request::ApacheHandler in lib/HTML/Mason/ApacheHandler.pm
HTML::Mason::Resolver in lib/HTML/Mason/Resolver.pm
HTML::Mason::Resolver::File in lib/HTML/Mason/Resolver/File.pm
HTML::Mason::Tools in lib/HTML/Mason/Tools.pm
HTML::Mason::Utils in lib/HTML/Mason/Utils.pm
Changes for version 0.895
    • Removed ApacheHandler from Mason.pm. It is now necessary to explicitly 'use' the HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler module in your handler.pl file (or elsewhere). This fixes an intermittent args_method bug and cleans up Mason.pod.
    • Changed $m->caller_args to return a hash reference in scalar context and a list/hash in list context. Older calls expecting a list reference will need to be changed.
    • Fixed Mason to work under Perl's tainting mode again. Thanks to John Tobey for pointing us in the right direction.
    • Modified the definition of "next component" to depend on the current component, not merely the number of times $m->call_next has been called. This allows $m->fetch_next to work as documented. Also added $m->fetch_next_all, which returns the rest of the wrapper chain.
    • Fixed bug with ../.. in component paths. Versions 0.88 and 0.89 would create multiple object files for a single component and would allow any filename to be treated as an internal component. This was _not_ exploitable externally via Apache, however. (reported by Pascal Eeftinck)
    • Implemented $m->top_comp and $m->top_args, and fixed documentation for $m->callers(-1). (suggested by Kees Vonk)
    • Added full line comments to <%args> sections. (suggested by Matthew Lewinski)
    • Revamped test harness system with HTML::Mason::Tests, greatly simplifying the new test creation process.
    • Implemented partial compliance with Apache::Filter; Mason can now be used as a pre-filter but not yet as a post-filter. i.e. Configurations like "PerlHandler HTML::Mason Apache::Compress" will work.
    • Implemented logging of NOT FOUND errors to match plain Apache. Also issue special warnings for Mason-specific causes of NOT FOUND.
    • Documented Mason request object's aborted and aborted_value methods.
    • Documented the fact that any variable declared in the <%args> section must be a valid Perl variable name. The parser will now give an error if it encounters an invalid name (such as $foo.x).
    • Eliminated upgrade of Apache request object to Apache::Request class if this were done previously. (submitted by Shevek)
    • Removed FAQ from distribution. Users should seek out the most current FAQ, now maintained by Kwindla Kramer, on the web.
    • Fixed bug where an attempt to escape a substitution that contained a function operating on a list (like sort or map) ended up appending the escape flag characters to the list being operated on.
    • Fixed the test 08-ah to work with CGI versions >= 3.0. (reported by Alexei V. Barantsev)
    • Fixed a problem with the parser when running with a locale that used a comma as the decimal separator instead of a period. (reported by Louis-David Mitterrand)
    • Clarified the 'u' escape flag in docs.
    • Removed use of $r->finfo in Apachehandler.pm, which causes random core dumps in certain versions of mod_perl.
    • Updated eg/session_handler.pl code to match Apache::Session 1.50+.
    • Fixed various problems with debug files.
    • Fixed a bug sometimes seen when the parser failed to parse a component called by another component.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the $m->cache_self method from returning anything.
    • Fixed documentation regarding 'months' and 'years' units in expire_in cache flag.
    • Fixed bug in HTML/Mason/Component/Subcomponent.pm create_time method. (reported by Caleb Crome)
    • Fixed bug where Mason would try to escape undefined values in a substitution with an escape flag. (submitted by Denis Shaposhnikov)

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