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Jonathan Swartz

Changes for version 1.01

  • Implemented configuration of Mason from httpd.conf via PerlSetVar
  • directives. This removes the need for a handler.pl file in many cases. .
    • Revamped ApacheHandler tests to use a real Apache web server and
  • mod_perl (assuming this is installed). This allows for much better testing of Mason. However, the test suite takes a bit longer to run as starting and stopping the server can take a second or two each time.
    • ** Fixed handling of POST requests with query strings via CGI.pm;
  • the query string arguments were previously ignored, and are now merged with POST arguments. This is an incompatible change only for those whose code relied on the arguments missing.
    • Added basic validation of arguments to Parser, Interp,
  • and ApacheHandler constructors.
    • Added interp->die_handler, allowing you to install your own
  • subroutine as $SIG{__DIE__} to catch errors during component execution. Alternately, you can simply turn the special error handling off.
    • Added interp->use_dhandlers and interp->use_autohandlers, more
  • intuitive ways to turn on/off dhandlers and autohandlers.
    • Eliminated interp->verbose_compile_error, which is no longer needed
  • and has not worked for some time.
    • Wrapped each component call in eval, allowing us to simplify the
  • request stack code. No visible user change.
    • Documented that you cannot call return() from a <%shared> or <%once>
  • section. (reported by Paolo Campanella)
    • Fixed documentation of escaped newline behavior.
    • Fixed incorrect code for using mod_perl args method in
  • eg/session_handler.pl.
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