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Jonathan Swartz
Mason::Manual - Index of Mason documentation
Mason::Manual::Admin - Information for Mason administrators
Mason::Manual::Components - The building blocks of Mason
Mason::Manual::Cookbook - Recipes for common Mason tasks
Mason::Manual::Filters - Content filters in Mason
Mason::Manual::Intro - Getting started with Mason
Mason::Manual::Plugins - Mason plugins
Mason::Manual::RequestDispatch - How request paths get mapped to page components
Mason::Manual::Syntax - Mason component syntax reference
Mason::Manual::Tutorial - Mason tutorial
Mason::Manual::UpgradingFromMason1 - Summary of differences between Mason 1 and Mason 2
mason - evaluate a mason template and output the result
Mason - Powerful, high-performance templating for the web and beyond
Mason::App - Implementation of bin/mason
Mason::CodeCache - Result returned from Mason request
Mason::Compilation - Performs compilation of a single component
Mason::Component - Mason Component base class
Mason::Component::ClassMeta - Meta-information about Mason component class
Mason::Component::Import - Extra component imports
Mason::Component::Moose - Moose policies and exports for Mason components
Mason::Exceptions - Exception objects thrown by Mason
Mason::Filters::Standard - Standard filters
Mason::Interp - Mason Interpreter
Mason::Moose - Mason Moose policies
Mason::Moose::Role - Mason Moose role policies
Mason::Plugin::Defer - Defer computing parts of output until the end of the request
Mason::Plugin::DollarDot - Allow $. as substitution for $self-> and in attribute names
Mason::Plugin::LvalueAttributes - Create lvalue accessors for all rw component attributes
Mason::Plugin::TidyObjectFiles - Tidy object files
Mason::PluginBundle::Default - Default plugins
Mason::PluginRole - Helper for defining Mason plugin roles
Mason::Request - Mason Request Class
Mason::Result - Result returned from Mason request
Mason::DynamicFilter in lib/Mason/DynamicFilter.pm
Mason::Plugin in lib/Mason/Plugin.pm
Mason::PluginBundle in lib/Mason/PluginBundle.pm
Mason::PluginManager in lib/Mason/PluginManager.pm
Mason::TieHandle in lib/Mason/TieHandle.pm
Mason::Types in lib/Mason/Types.pm
Changes for version 2.05
    • Incompatible changes
    • Change default component file extensions due to conflict with Objective C's .m (suggested by jomo). New extensions: .mc - top-level component .mi - internal component .mp - pure-perl component
    • Fixes
    • Require comp_root parameter to Mason->new (cxreg)
    • Require that request path is absolute
    • Ignore whitespace at beginning of a <%args> and <%shared> line (cxreg)
    • Improvements
    • Forbid reserved names such as 'cmeta' in new method and attribute declarations
    • Improve error message when request path not found - list all component paths searched
    • Testing
    • Stop using test counts - see http://bit.ly/eISu3R
    • Documentation
    • Add Mason/Manual/Intro.pod

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