Revision history for App-Module-Setup

0.09	2020-03-03
	Add more variables to support rpm SPEC files.

0.08	2018-10-25
	Add githubid for GitHub based development.

0.07	2018-10-21
	Add minimal perl version, defaults to 5.008.
	Add license, defaults to perl_5.

0.06	2013-07-04
	Some changes for older Perl versions. Should run under 5.8,
	maybe even 5.6.

0.05	2013-07-03
	Add --postcmd and --git command line options.
	Do not replace text if no replacement is available.
	Better warnings.
	Minor bug fixes.

0.04	2013-07-02
	(META) Prevent App::Module::Setup::Templates::Default from
	being indexed.
	Documentation fixes.

0.03	2013-07-02
	Add --install-templates.
	Many documentation fixes and updates.

0.02	2013-07-01
	First working prototype.

0.01    2013-06-31
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.