Show filename in window title.
	Show asterisk if file is modified.
	Disable Undo/Redo menu entries if t_source cannot do it.


	Fix missing Eb in prefs dialog.
	Add scandinavian notes.

	Better handling of errors and exceptions.
	Add support for multiple configs, notation systems and transcoding.
	Add setting of editor font and size.


0.84	Sep 22 2017

	Add checkbox to suppress user and legacy config files.
	Fix problem with (custom) config (needed prefs dialog to be picked up).

0.84	Jul 31 2017


0.83	Jul 24 2017

	Rework preferences to allow selection of preset configs.

0.79	Jul 12 2017

	Fix crash when inserting example text.

0.78	Jul 12 2017

	Add .pro as a recognized file name extension.
	Add example song inserting from Help menu.

0.74	Apr 13 2017

	Add preferences for transposition.

0.710.4 Mar 14 2017

	Fix missing packaging files.

0.710.3 Jan 21 2017

	Fix URL generation (Windows).
	Add help for ChordPro config.

0.710.2 Jan 18 2017

	Fix PDF previewer startup on Windows.
	Add tooltip help for PDF previewer preference.

0.710.1 Jan 17 2017

	Fix config file dialog button.

0.71    Jan 17 2017

	Add preferences dialog to select a custon config file and a
	PDF previewer.

0.700.4 Jan 11 2017

	Remove res/version.dat. Use a fixed version for the ChordPro

0.700.x Jan 10 2017

	The ususal movements to get packaging right.

0.70	Jan 09 2017

	Split WxChordPro into its own package.