eps2png converts files from EPS format (Encapsulated PostScript) to
PNG (Portable Network Graphics), JPEG or GIF formats.

It uses Ghostscript to produce the images. Since modern GhostScript
programs do not support GIF due to copyright issues, GIF images are
produced via an additional converter from the Portable BitMap package.

This program is distributed under the Perl Artistic License and the GPL.


Perl 5.10.1 or better. Older perls may work but have not been tested.

Unix (although it is rumoured to work on Windows).

A GhostScript installation that can handle the desired output
formats (use `gs -h' to get a list of supported formats).

If you want GIF format and your GhostScript cannot produce this,
the Portable BitMap package (pbmplus or netpbm).


The program is distributed in the form of a gzipped tar (.tar.gz)
file, eps2png-x.y.tar.gz, where x.y reflect the version number. Unpack
this file in a scratch directory:

  % gzip -d < eps2png-x.y.tar.gz | tar -xvf -

This will create a sub-directory eps2png-x.y. Change to this

  % cd eps2png-x.y

Execute the following commands. Note that this is the standard
procedure for Perl extensions and programs:

  % perl Makefile.PL
  % make all
  % make test (see note below)
  % make install

The last command requires superuser (root) privilege.

Note that the program will be installed with the Perl binaries (e.g.
/opt/perl-5.6.1/bin). If you want a different location, e.g. /usr/bin,

  % perl Makefile.PL INSTALLSCRIPT=/usr/bin
  % make ...

The program is installed under the name eps2png. When invoked like
this, it produces PNG images by default.
You may install it under alternative names (or create links) for other
default image formats:

  eps2gif    -- will produce GIF images by default
  eps2jpg    -- will produce JPEG images by default

Note that, in any case, the desired output format can be selected
using command line options.

WHEN make test FAILS

The tests work by converting a test EPS to each of the supported
formats, and comparing the results with reference images. Changes in
the image drivers of Ghostscript may cause such a test to fail, when
the generated image is not byte-by-byte indential to the reference
image. When any of the 'make test' tests fails in test 4 or 5, please
manually convert some images and decide whether the program is doing
its job as it should. In this case, it can be safely installed.





  https://www.ghostscript.com (GNU Ghostscript)
  https://git.ghostscript.com (AFPL Ghostscript)

Portable BitMap package:

  These packages (libgr from RedHat, netpbm and pbmplus) seems so
  abundant that I couldn't find any official web links ;-).

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