Revision history for Perl extension Proc::ProcessTable.

0.636 2023-06-23
  - Fix compilation with MinGW32 runtime (redefine WINVER if too low)

0.635 2023-05-08
  - Do not try to scan /dev/.lxd-mounts

0.634 2021-09-27
  - Published the wrong branch (sorry, it was late). Now it is really fixed!

0.633 2021-09-27
  - Dummy version, no changes

0.632 2021-09-27
  - The included obstack files confused linux compilation. Placed them
    in os/ and fixed compile steps

0.631 2021-09-26
  - added cygwin implementation/extension of ASSI
  - aaand we are back to 3-digit version numbers due to quirks
    of rpmvercmp, which thinks that 0.612 is higer than 0.62

0.62 2021-09-13
  - updated Changes file to stick to perl5-module-meta recommendations
  - changed version scheme back to 2 digits after major version.
  - added J. Bargsten as author

0.612 2021-09-08
  - regression issue: allow (again) processes with empty names on Linux

0.611 2021-08-18
  - fixed potential memory leak while parsing command names in linux

0.61 2021-08-17
  - fixed regression: on linux only 1st char of the command names was parsed

0.60 2021-08-14
  - compiles on musl
  - Skip LXC hidden dir in /dev when looking for TTYs
  - Fix test on OpenBSD

0.59 2019-06-20
  - works again on AIX
  - fixed mswin32 stuff, hope it works now
  - reogranized code and started to use newest version ExtUtils::MakeMaker

0.56 2019-02-07
  - Testing support for mswin32
  - minor fix for FreeBSD

0.53 2015-08-24
  - Fixed bug in Linux occurring if process name is empty (RT#106571)
  - Added missing includes on AIX (RT#39748)
  - Some minor changes on tests and documentation

0.52 2015-08-23
  - Incorporated mainly bugfixes (see github repo for details);
    OS affected: NetBSD, cygwin, AIX, bsdi, Linux
  - Added test for another odd command name ([])
  - Added some scripts for process tracking. Still in beta-phase.

0.51 2014-10-17
  - Fixed #65347 (installation hangs on AIX), patch from Rainer Tammer; Fixed #99163
    (segfault from canonicalize_file_name), pulled patch from Borislav Nikolov.

0.50 2013-12-15
  - Added hint file for gnukfreebsd.

0.49 2013-12-05
  -Fixed #61946 (odd process names), solution by Bernd Kallies. Fixed #48445, patch
  from Guillaume Rousse. Pulled fixes from Opera Wang. Fixed typos discovered by
  Salvatore Bonaccorso, David Steinbrunner and HMBRAND. Fixed #89117, patch from yyang.
  Got it (hopefully) running under kfreebsd.

0.48 2013-05-26
  -Pulled commits from Chris Williams <>, fixes build
  errors on NetBSD and OpenBSD. Fixed #72862 (byte order tag in cache file),
  applied patch to fix #67224 (cygwin PID_ORPHANED) by <rurban at>.
  Pulled FreeBSD patches from Slaven Rezić <>;
  Pulled from David Zaebst <>): Fixes to stay accurate on
  machines with many cpus (#82175), to include system time into calculations
  (#80391) and others (#81312, #82175 and #80391) and to fix unknown process
  states for debian kernels #71976. Tried to get it compiling under

0.47 2013-02-16
  -Initial releas by new maintainer jwb. Incorporated meta file updates from
  Jonathan Swartz <>. Closed a bunch of bugs: Patch from
  Christian Boitel <> (fixes #51470); added
  suggestion from Opera Wang <> (fixes #51470 even
  more); patches from Michael Schilli (MSCHILLI) (fix #41397, #46861 and
  #58236), work on perl w/o threads; pulled commits from Slaven Rezić
  <>, use kvm implementation for FreeBSD >= 6.0 (closes #68405
  and #16978); fixed bug #69397, fh not closed; fixed RT #72862, unsafe use of
  /tmp; added tests;

0.46 2012-10-19
  -Initial release by new maintainer jswartz, identical to 0.45 except for meta files
  and README

0.45  2008-09-08
  -Patch from Milosz Tanski <> to make module
  thread-safe on linux ( ID 38709). Patch from Scott
  Davis <> for new constructor flag
  enable_ttys, which when set to 0 disables traversing the
  device tree.

0.44 2008-07-25
  -Patch from Tom Wyant <> for darwin issues
  that didn't make it into 0.43.

0.43 2008-07-17
  -Changed 'my $TTYDEVSFILE;' to 'our' to permit multiple
  versions of perl ( bug ID 37722); fixed up include
  file order in os/Linux.h so module will build on OpenSuse 11
  per request of Steve Linn <>; fixed warning
  under perl 5,10 ( bug ID 36666); fixes for numerous
  problems on darwin from  Tom Wyant <>
  ( bug IDs 24331, 32761, and 33698); fix for ARG_MAX
  dynamic configuration in os/Linux.h ( bug ID 36283).

0.42 2008-01-25
  -Patch to fix PROC_FS define in Solaris 5.10 from jlv
  <>; patch to replace kinfo array and use
  KINFO structure on darwin. Patch from Steve Linn
  <> for x86_64 linux. Shortened test code so it
  only shows info for current process.

0.41 2006-06-30
  -Port to openbsd from <>. Fix for
  EOVERFLOW in HPUX 11.11 from <>
  ( ticket #18932). Module now requires perl 5.6 as
  suggested by <> ( ticket
  #15279). Patches from <> for killall to
  use fname if cmndline is not defined and rename PID_ZOMBIE to
  PID_ORPHANED under cygwin ( ticket #14837,
  #14836). Fixed empty pctmem bug on linux due to change in
  format of /proc/meminfo (hopefully this format is stable

0.40 2005-07-10
  -Added patch for support of FreeBSD-5 via kvm from Oleg King
  <>. Added contrib directory and pswait script
  from dominix <>. Patch from Steve Linn
  <> to handle processes larger than 2GB. Added
  jiffies-to-microseconds patch for linux from Jason A. Smith
  <>. Added patch from ticket
  #12951 to fix Solaris 8 with multi-threaded Perl where
  readdir_r is defined differently for POSIX compiles. Patch for
  misreport of PID in cygwin ( ticket #12840).
  Fix for FC4 gcc-4 buffer overrun complaint.

0.39 2003-10-03
  -Project is now hosted on SourceForge. Patch from Aaron
  Sherman <> from ticket #2578 to add a
  warn function ppt_warn() instead of sending errors to stderr;
  changed linux, bsdi and aix. Added ppt_croak and updated
  PORTING docs. Added port to Darwin from Tom Wyant
  <>. Added port to Nonstop-UX from Mike
  Steinert <>. Patch from
  James.FitzGibbon <> for AIX 5.1
  command line args. Added note to README.dec_osf that root
  access is required.

0.38 2002-12-06
  -Fixed my omission of new AIX files from MANIFEST. Patch from
  Tim Cutts <> for Tru64 clusters.

0.37 2002-11-08
  -Patch from Philip Molter <> to fix typo in

0.36 2002-11-05 23:04:12
  -Patch for documentation typo for from Mike Castle
  <>. Patch for AIX v4.2 from James
  FitzGibbon <> to take advantage of newer OS API;
  this also required addition of a new return type (long-long,
  specified as "j") to ProcessTable.xs. Patch to add new field
  "numthr" for number of threads for Solaris from Joseph
  Cavanaugh <Joseph.Cavanaugh@FMR.COM>. Patch for linux compiler
  warnings from Marcus Crafter <>. Changed HPUX
  "cmd" field to "cmndline" for consistency with other ports at
  the suggestion of Craig Cook <cncook@gene.COM>. Windows port
  via Cygwin from J Robert Ray <>. Patch for
  multithread support under Solaris from Kong Li
  <>. Patch for File::Find::prune tty mapping
  buglet from <>. Changed behavior of
  store_ttydev() in ProcessTable.xs to insert an empty string
  for processes that don't have a tty, instead of having it
  return undef. I *think* this will fix a problem reported on
  HPUX by H.Merijn Brand <>. Changed ttynums
  to be treated as unsigned to fix occasional negative ttynum
  bug reported by Daniel Berger <>.

0.35 2002-07-01 11:24:43
  -Patch from Thomas Glanzmann <>
  to fix starttime overflow bug on linux. This should also fix
  multiprocessor starttime bugs. He says there is another
  overflow after 25 days of uptime though :(
  Nearly identical patches from Doug Lewis
  <> and Jan L. Peterson
  <> to fix taint problem. Patch from Peter van
  Hooft <> to allow non-root
  users to list processes on IRIX.

0.34 2002-02-24 21:55:07
  -Corrected documentation type pointed out by Marcus Crafter
  <>. Fix for JIFFIES_TO_MICROSECONDS potential
  int overflow on linux from Stephen Pillinger
  <>. Patch for File::Find routine
  on AIX (broken POSIX?) from H.Merijn Brand
  <>. Big linux code cleanup patch from
  Anthony Higa <>; I *think* this also
  fixes the linux-ppc problem reported by Marcus Crafter.

0.33 2001-10-10 15:50:17
  -Fixed Solaris large file environment problem (by turning off
  large file environment CCFLAGS!). Patches from Chris Adams
  <> for TTYs with device number(s) zero and
  Digital Unix table() call to read processes. Added
  README.taint for workarounds for perl -T. Changed umask for
  644 permissions for /tmp/TTYDEVS.

0.32 2001-08-19 04:45:25
  -SunOS port from Shawn Clifford <>.
  Patch from Thomas Linden <> for additional Linux
  fields. Patch for bsdi from Nicolas Belan <>
  to add cmndline.

0.31 2001-06-01 08:27:03
  - Removed bogus test code line from os/Linux.c that was opening

0.30 2001-03-04 05:05:26
  - Patch from David Good <> for 32-bit HPUX 11.0 support
    via the 64-bit interface. Port to Unixware 7.x from Martin Lucina
    <>. Upgraded status to beta :)

0.29 2001-01-09 07:36:13
  - Patch from Wolfgang Friebel <> for os/HPUX.c to
    make the time method return useful values. Patch from Adrian Phillips
    <> to fix AIX cmndline field. Patch from Tryggvi Farestveit
    <> to fix bug in cmndline under Linux. module
    from Steve Lidie <sol0@Lehigh.EDU>.

0.28 2000-08-14 16:31:43
  - Patch from Slaven Rezic <> to make test script -w

0.27 2000-06-29 08:27:23
  - Added patch for converting jiffies to microseconds in linux from Philip
    Gwyn <>. Added patch from Slaven Rezic <>
    for FreeBSD and to make Storable optional.

0.26 2000-02-11 16:43:48
  - Added Proc::Killall from Aaraon Sherman <>.

0.25 2000-02-03 11:20:27
  - Added patch from F. Buirey <> for AIX SMP.

0.24 2000-01-20 08:00:30
  - Added patches from Noel Paul <> for dec_osf pctcpu and
    pctmem, and for IRIX for pctmem.

0.23 1999-11-01 08:32:54
  - Added patch from Dave Alden <> for solaris "nice"
    and "onproc" fields.

0.22 1999-10-05 07:47:54
  - Bug fix for Solaris; nanosecond process times are only available on 2.6
    (and above?); this was causing the module to dump core on earlier systems.
    Also, size and rss appear to be in kilobytes, not pages in 2.6 and above
    (they are in pages in the struct prpsinfo in < 2.6, but also available
    directly as bytes).

0.21 1999-09-10 12:32:13
  - Bug fix; new "fields" method was crapping out on everything except

0.20 1999-09-08 22:27:28
  - Added "fields" method to module to return list of fields supported for the
    current architecture. This is implemented in a slightly kludgy way, since
    it needs to call the table method if the table method hasn't been called
    before, since only the table method knows the names of the fields. Also
    changed the test code to dump all the fields/values available for the
    current process table, instead of just dumping pids and "fname" which isn't
    supported on all architectures (though it should be). Added ""
    file which contains the same code.

0.19 1999-08-30 00:22:02
  - Reinstated 'OBJECT' argument in WriteMakefile in Makefile.PL since it was
    breaking the build on dec-osf, but this time with explicit object files to
    look for which seems to work, at least under Linux. Why this should be
    necessary is unclear. Added "fname" field to HPUX (was "cmd") for
    consistency with other ports and for new test. Added very basic
    "README.hpux". Added check in to prune search tree for
    unreadable directories when finding TTY list; this was causing spurious
    errors during build on dec_osf since some directories under /dev are
    readable only by root.

0.18 1999-08-19 10:57:16
  - Fixed bug (at least for linux) in Makefile.PL that was causing
    ProcessTable.xs not to be converted to ProcessTable.c; this was carelessly
    introduced by me with integration of the port to dec_osf. Added port for
    netbsd from Peter Reich <>.

0.17 1999-08-19 10:57:16
  - Lost connection to ISP during upload to PAUSE, and PAUSE won't let me
    reload it so I have to increment the version number. Kind of annoying.

0.16 1999-08-09 22:59:46
  - Added nanosecond Solaris patch from Rolf Petter Halle <>.
    Added port for dec_osf from Bernhard Schmalhofer
    <>, which included new version of test code as
    well. Added bsdi port from Sean Eskins <>.

0.15 1999-06-01 21:33:16
  - Added patch from Peter ? <> for IRIX
    version differences. There seems to be a lot of IRIX out there.

0.14 1999-05-14 06:30:15
  - Added port for IRIX from W. Phillip Moore <> in 0.13, but forgot
    to add files to MANIFEST and edit Changes (Duh). W. Phillip Moore's port
    also included a minor patch for Solaris to get the page size from the

0.12 1999-03-21 10:53:56
  - Hopefully the final fix for the sv_undef buglet.

0.11 1999-03-06 19:04:39
  - Fixed code that checked perl patchlevel version to check directly for
    definition of PL_sv_undef and define it as sv_undef if it's not there,
    since it's not clear what patchlevel we need to check for. Also fixed
    embarrassing and unnecessary call to close() a string in Solaris.c

0.10 1999-02-20 11:29:35
  - Added code to ProcessTable.xs to check perl patchlevel version and use
    either PL_sv_undef or sv_undef since lots of people are still using older
    versions of perl.

0.09 1999-02-19 23:23:53
  - Fixed bug in Linux.c, fopen() called without corresponding fclose. Added
    empty DESTROY subs to and to fix occasional
    problems with mod_perl. Changed all instances of sv_undef in
    ProcessTable.xs to PL_sv_undef to comply with new standard.

0.08 1999-02-04 00:35:53
  - Fixed bug in solaris hints file that was looking for a version of solaris
    returned by "uname -r" as > 2.5, when "uname -r" returns the "SunOS"
    version of 5.5. Fixed bug in linux module in which only the first field of
    the command line was getting passed in cmndline attribute.

0.07 1999-01-06 14:57:04
  - added FreeBSD port by Slaven Rezic <>.

0.06 1998-12-09 23:42:05
  - added HPUX port by Mike Romberg <>.

0.05 1998-12-09 18:47:39
  - fixed minor compilation problems for solaris. Changed rss to bytes on linux
    for consistency with solaris; also added "time" and "ctime" fields to linux
    for consistency. Updated documentation in Folded in AIX port by
    David Paquet <>.

0.04 1998-08-14 22:51:31
  - preliminary pre-alpha solaris support

0.03 1998-07-26 09:07:50
  - added argument to va_end to make linux-ppc work

0.01 1998-06-08 11:37:47
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.18