2000-03-29  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.10)

	* Runs with Cisco IOS 12.0 now.

1998-11-30  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.08)

	* cisconf.PL (Add): The Add command is now creating an empty file
	  or loading the current configuration as initial version.
	  Suggested by Philipp Buehler <philipp@buehler.de>.
	* Added lib/Bundle/Cisco/Conf.pm.
	* Fixed "make install" problems on Solaris.

1998-09-22  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.07)

	* cisconf.PL (Add): Added username. Mike Newton <mike@delusion.org>
	* lib/Cisco/Conf.pm (Info): Added support for the Rcs module.
	  Mike Newton <mike@delusion.org>

1998-07-17  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.05)

	* cisconf.PL: Fixed bug in cisconf/Save; the tftp_file was
	  not always closed. My thanks to Tungning Cheng <cherng@bbn.com>.
	* cisconf.PL: Made stripping of comments configurable; suggested
	  by Tungning Cheng <cherng@bbn.com>.

1998-07-14  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.04)

	* lib/Cisco/Conf.pm: Added config->{tftp_prefix}, requested
	  by Tungning Cheng <cherng@bbn.com>.

1998-05-20  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de>

	* Original version