1999-07-26  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1012)

	* lib/SNMP/Monitor/Event/IfLoad.pm: Added support for ifSpeed = 0,
	  if the SNMP agent doesn't return proper speed values.

1999-06-09  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1010)

	* lib/SNMP/Monitor/Event/IfLoad.pm (Query): Suppressed logging of negative
	  numbers. This could happen in case of a router reset or something similar.

1999-04-26  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1010)

	* snmpmonRep.PL: Added options --daily and --scale. Added POD docs.
	  My thanks to WWL Internet Stuttgart (formerly ISS Internet Service
	  Stuttgart) for paying this.

1999-02-09  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1009)

	* lib/SNMP/Monitor/EP.pm (_ep_snmpmon_ifgif): Added Scale == -1,
	  in which case an optimal scale is choosen by looking into the
	  database. My thanks to Alexandre Baumeister <alex@finance-net.com>.
	* Fixed a minor display bug in t/graph.ep (Alexandre Baumeister

1998-11-03  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1008)

	* html_templates/*: Removed my(undef, ...) to support older
	  Perl versions.
	* snmpmon.PL: Fixed ->{delete} to ->{'delete'}.
	* html_templates/graph.ep.PL: Fixed $to_x$ to $cgi->to_x$.
	* Removed use of FROM_UNIXTIME().
	* Added Combo interfaces. My thanks to ISS Internet Service
	  Stuttgart for paying this.

1998-07-24  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1007)

	* html_templates/*.ep.PL: Removed epparse- and epperl- (gone
	  with HTML::EP, 0.1100)

1998-07-21  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1006)

	* html_templates/(ifgif|state).ep.PL: Fixed average calculation
	  to use time() as a maximum of $to.
	* html_templates/ifgif.ep.PL: Inserted 'title' argument into
	  plot command.

1998-07-21  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1005)

	* html_templates/graph.ep.PL: Added average display.
	* html_templates/stats.ep.PL: Added octet sum.

1998-07-19  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1004)

	* snmpmon.PL (Start): Fixed use of setlogsock for Solaris.
	  (This is becoming a nightmare ...)
	* README: Fixed references to gnuplot sources.
	* lib/SNMP/Monitor/Event/IfLoad.pm (Process): Fixed INSERT statement,
	  so that NULL values are never used.

	My thanks to Lupe Christoph, <lupe@alanya.m.isar.de>

1998-07-13  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de>

	* lib/SNMP/Monitor/Install.pm (Install): Installation default
	  is now /etc/snmpmon.

1998-07-13  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de> (0.1001)

	* Added support for Solaris.

	* lib/SNMP/Monitor/Install.pm: The AddRouter() method is now
	  sending separate requests for each interface it detects and
	  not one reuqest for all interfaces. (It seems that some
	  hubs can't work with fragmented packets.)

1998-06-13  Jochen Wiedmann  <joe@ispsoft.de>

	* Original version. My thanks to ZVW (Zeitungsverlag Waiblingen)
	  for paying this.