Jörn Reder

Changes for version 1.0.10

  • Bugfixes:
  • setting Reply-To didn't work
  • Features:
  • added "Reply Group" button which replies to the address of the "To:" header field. Useful for replying into mailing lists.
  • you can simply specify another From address per mail by selecting the appropriate entry of the recipient popup in the compose mail dialog.
  • if you have many email aliases forwarded to one account this one is for you: when replying JaM checks the To: field against the addresses listed in the Non-Reply user configuration field (it assumes that these are your aliases). The first address which matches and is not your normal From: address configured in the mail account window, will be set as From by default. This way you don't change your address inside one thread, if a mail was posted to one of your alias addresses.
  • mail filter: regex filter also available as a case relevant version.
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