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Shawn M Moore
Jifty::Plugin::OAuth - secure API authorization
Jifty::Plugin::OAuth::View - Views for OAuth-ey bits
Jifty::Plugin::OAuth::Dispatcher in lib/Jifty/Plugin/OAuth/Dispatcher.pm
Jifty::Plugin::OAuth::Model::AccessToken in lib/Jifty/Plugin/OAuth/Model/AccessToken.pm
Jifty::Plugin::OAuth::Model::Consumer in lib/Jifty/Plugin/OAuth/Model/Consumer.pm
Jifty::Plugin::OAuth::Model::RequestToken in lib/Jifty/Plugin/OAuth/Model/RequestToken.pm
Jifty::Plugin::OAuth::Token in lib/Jifty/Plugin/OAuth/Token.pm
Changes for version 0.04
  • /oauth/authorized? should run _after_ app "before" rules
  • Distribution fixes
  • Doc fixes
  • Don't use the consumer's mech to fetch server warnings
  • Update for test_warnings on new Jifty

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