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Sawyer X
Juno - Asynchronous event-driven checking mechanism
Juno::Check::FPing - An FPing check for Juno
Juno::Check::HTTP - An HTTP check for Juno
Juno::Check::Ping - A Ping check for Juno
Juno::Check::RawCommand - A raw command check for Juno
Juno::Check::SNMP - an SNMP check for Juno
Juno::Check::TCP - A TCP check for Juno
Juno::Role::Check - Check role for Juno
Changes for version 0.009
  • Added pure Ping test (thanks, BelGoat).
  • Avoid loading Class::MOP.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Documentation overhaul.
  • More modern usage of MooseX::Role::Loggable.
  • Really really really don't depend on Moose.
  • Reinstated finer-grained type constraints.
  • Rewrote HTTP check test (thanks for the heads up, BelGoat).
  • Shave some seconds off the testing.

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