Revision history for Perl module Lingua::StanfordCoreNLP

0.10	2013-02-19
	- The big update is moving most of the Java code
	  into a separate Java library, making development
	  and maintenance much easier.
	- Updated to latest Stanford CoreNLP version.
	- Added the environmental variables
	  LINGUA_CORENLP_JAR_PATH --- to let you override
	  where Lingua::StanfordCoreNLP looks for the
	  CoreNLP jar-files --- and LINGUA_CORENLP_VERSION
	  --- which tells us which version it is.
	  Thanks to Bahareh Sarrafzadeh for pointing out the
	  need for this (and, indirectly, getProperties and
	- General cleanup around class-paths.
	- Added getProperties and setProperties, which let
	  you change annotator options. See man-page for more
	- s/getCorefMentions/getMentionsInTextualOrder/, as
	  the CorefChain API has apparently changed.
	- Changed tests to use Test::More rather than
	  Test::Simple. Added more tests.
	- Removed silencing of output, which seems to
	  hang the new CoreNLP. Will look into it for future
	  versions if someone asks me to.
	- Sources are now available on GitHub:

0.04  2012-05-29
	- Updated to latest StanfordCoreNLP version.

0.03  2011-09-05
	- IDs are now sequential, rather than random.
	  (Non-deterministic IDs are no fun after a
	  a failure in the middle of processing
	  11,000 files (and God knows how many sentences).)
	- Smarter getting of index for governor/dependent
	  in dependencies. (IndexedWord has an, wait for it,
	  index method. I should read javadocs more closely)
	- Dependencies now have full names (e.g. 'prep_of'
	  rather than 'prep').
	  Thanks to Eneko Agirre for the fix.

0.02  2011-07-01
	- Many sanity checks on indexes.
	- Added this file.

0.01  2011-06-30
	- Initial release.