Peter Karman

Changes for version 0.03

  • test indexes are removed as part of 'make clean'
  • switched from Data::Dumper to Data::Dump
  • added new SWISH::Prog::Object example
  • fixed bug in SWISH::Prog::Headers to test defined() rather than simply eval true/false
  • fixed bug in SWISH::Prog::DBI with accepting DBI handle in init()
  • changed to using IO::All instead of File::stat and File::Slurp for better UTF8 support
  • changed default order of init() and init_indexer() to work more intuitively. Fixed S::P::DBI accordingly. To prevent an indexer from being init'd (as in 0.02) simply override init_indexer() and don't call SUPER::init_indexer().
  • new feature: SWISH::Prog::Find
  • renamed meta() to table_meta() in SWISH::Prog::DBI for clarity.
  • S::P::Config now always handles config params as arrays
  • Config metanames() propertynames() and propertynamesnostripchars() are no longer available
  • S::P::Config now requires IO::All and Config::General; added read2() method.
  • new feature placeholder: SWISH::Prog::Spider
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