DotLock (1.00)
Copyright (c) 1999, Ken Barber

DotLock is a multipurpose queing locking system.
Originally designed to take some of the pain away from
locking on NFS filesystems.

This module allows script writers to develop on multiple
hosts when locking between these hosts is an issue. It
allows queing - scary but true. It also provides an atomic
method of locking by using the "link" function between

The locking/queing method provided is purely on a file
manipulation level. Also note that this object does not
handle signals. If the program is interrupted, any open
lockfiles will be left behind.

This is considered alpha software, use at your own risk.


After untarring the package, its as easy as:

1. perl Makefile.PL
2. make
3. make test
4. make install