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Keith Brown
SOAP - Library for SOAP clients and servers in Perl
SOAP::Defs - Spec-defined constants
SOAP::Envelope - Creates SOAP streams
SOAP::EnvelopeMaker - Creates SOAP envelopes
SOAP::GenericHashSerializer - Generic serializer for Perl hashes
SOAP::GenericInputStream - Default handler for SOAP::Parser output
SOAP::GenericScalarSerializer - Generic serializer for Perl scalar references
SOAP::OutputStream - Writes SOAP fragments
SOAP::Packager - SOAP internal helper class
SOAP::Parser - Parses SOAP documents
SOAP::Serializer - serialization utilities
SOAP::Struct - support for ordered hashes
SOAP::StructSerializer - (internal) serializer for SOAP structs
SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Apache - SOAP mod_perl handler
SOAP::Transport::HTTP::CGI - Generic SOAP CGI handler
SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client - Client side HTTP support for SOAP/Perl
SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Server - Server side HTTP support for SOAP/Perl
SOAP::TypeMapper - Maps Perl types to their serializer/deserializer classes
SOAP::TypedPrimitive - Wrapper for xsd primitives that need explicit SOAP type attributes
SOAP::TypedPrimitiveSerializer - serializer for xsd scalars
Changes for version 0.28
    • Fixed really lame bug in Struct.pm where I was taking the reference of @_ and holding it after the method returned

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