0.06    April 6 2004

-   Added ability to split on whitespace by adding support for regexes 
    as the "field_separator"
-   Added "trim" method to automatically removed leading and trailing
    whitespace from fields (to better support parsing of 
    whitespace-separated data)
-   Improved test suites to run outside of traditional "make test"

0.05    December 16 2003

-   Added "quotemeta" to field separator argument to "parse_line" to fix
    error reported by Olaf Weinert

0.04    November 5 2003

-   Added "comment" method to identify lines which should be skipped
    as comments
-   Altered "fetchrow_array" to croak if it reads a line but can't parse
    it into fields, also changed to skip empty lines automatically

0.03    June 27 2003

-   Cleaned up "extract" a bit
-   Allow "new" to accept a single argument and treat as "filename"

0.02    May 6 2003

-   Added "data" method to allow reading of data from a scalar
-   Allow "fetchall_hashref" to use a computed field for the key

0.01    Apr 28 2003
-   Created initial version