Revision history for Perl extension Data::Mapper

0.06    2012-03-04
        - data now can be a Hash-based POPO not apply only to subclass of
        Data::Mapper::Data (Naoki Tomita:; hereinafter the
        - keys in data which start with `_' are regarded as private
        - data_class() method is now public. you can customize which
        data class to be mapped

0.05    2012-02-21
        - fixed a bug: data_class now caches class name by full-qualified one

0.04    2012-02-14
        - adapter now takes also coderef as a driver factory

0.03    2012-02-07
        - added detailed information into POD
        - added support for table name concatinated by underscores

0.02    2012-02-07
        - changes in data object will be discarded after updating
        - more appropriate error handling

0.01    2012-02-07
        - original version