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Changes for version 0.2.0

  • 00 Major Changes
    • Serious code overhauls contained, and may break dependendents.
  • 01 Role Refactor
    • This code has been in development for a while, mostly because I had trouble deciding how to implement it.
    • Couldn't choose between vertically-composed roles, or horizontally-composed roles, and the git history switches between the two several times.
    • Settled on the horizonal, mostly, because there were other things using these roles, and vertical composition would break them severely.
    • And vertical composition would force the roles to only work on DZil plugins, where there are consumers using them on DZ::App::Commands
    • ::Git::Remote is gone in this release, and replaced by ::Git::RemoteName and ::Git::RemoteNames
  • Dependencies::Noteworthy
    • use namespace::autoclean
    • upgrade to latest Module::Build
    • upgrade to latest Test::More
  • Dependencies::Stats
    • Dependencies changed, see Changes.deps{,.all,.dev} for details
    • build: โ†‘1
    • configure: โ†‘1
    • develop: +51 -3
    • runtime: +2
    • test: โ†‘1 -2
  • Documentation
    • Changes now simplified with regards to dependencies.
    • People who want extended dependency details can check Changes.deps*
    • MetaPOD used extensively in this dist now, in fact, the existence of this dist is the inspiration for why MetaPOD exists.
  • Meta
    • Issues to github
  • Modules
    • New Role: Git::LocalRepository::CurrentBranch
    • New Role: Git::LocalRepository::LocalBranches
    • New Role: Git::RemoteName
    • New Role: Git::RemoteNames
    • Removed Role: Git::Remote
  • Packaging
    • uses newer style Build.PL to support test_requires.
  • Tests
    • Now uses Test::Compile::PerFile
    • Updated to ReportVersions::Tiny to not report develop deps
  • Utils
    • Now a tool in utils/roleappl.pl that will emit recommended code for consuming a given role on its own with the minimal amount of fuss.
    • Output of this tool is used in documentation.
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