* Make more and better tests!  Regression and otherwise.

    './Build testcover' for the coverage details

* Make as_HTML emit the DOCTYPE declaration before <html...>

* Maybe reorganize the HTMLE::Element docs some time?



14212 	HTML::TreeBuilder generates text nodes in a strange encoding

	MOVE This is a bug in HTML::Entities, line 479, is encoding the Chinese
        characters. Adding the following code reveals this:

print(STDERR "1: ref = $$ref\n");
	$$ref =~ s/([^\n\r\t !\#\$%\(-;=?-~])/$char2entity{$1} || num_entity($1)/ge;
print(STDERR "2: ref = $$ref\n");

1: ref = This is a test 漢語
2: ref = This is a test &aelig;&frac14;&cent;&egrave;&ordf;&#158;

19724 	Can't distinguish among ending tags

	TRIAGE Where in the parser are the tokens handled? Suspect he'd have to use HTML::Parser directly.

24407 	</p> w/o a previous <p> ends the treebuild...

	TRIAGE Invalid HTML breaks parse.

26938 	as_XML doesn't encode enough characters, specifically CR and LF

	TRIAGE Perfectly valid to drop white space in an attibute.

27288 	as_HTML() for frameset html code produces implicit <body> tag

	CLOSE body is valid there. Needs to turn off implicit tags if he doesn't want them.

28404 	tests fail when PERL_UNICODE is set


33063 	Feature request: suppress output of implicit elements by as_HTML


33523 	Incorrect parsing of nested inline elements

	CLOSE It's invalid to nest entities that way.

33961 	Allow optional_end_tags to be set globally

	CLOSE This is already possible.

35948 	Unhelpful message if I pass an arbitrary object in content.

	TRIAGE Suggest fix breaks sub classing, need a better fix.

37537 	Implementation of as_HTML makes it effectively impossible to subclass


38398 	TreeBuilder can broke tree with correct nesting

	TRIAGE invalid HTML breaks parsing.

41945 	cpan(1) install fails on OS X

	Maybe FIXED, #! line was odd.

42209 	The word "value" appears if you supply value => undef to an input of type "text"

	TRIAGE This is because of the line '$val = $attr unless defined $val;'
	Guess this is to catch attributes that don't have values?

45069 	test failure

	TRIAGE Can't duplicate.

46219 	Debugger dies on parse()

	TRIAGE Can't duplicate.

48344 	Documentation for tree/element traversal is conflicting/confusing


53658 	HTML::Element::as_text collapses internal whitespace

	TRIAGE The white space is being consolidated somewhere, HTML::Parser?,
        so there is only 1 space by output time.

53926 	Bug in HTML::TreeBuilder - <link> inside <ol> not parsed

	TRIAGE Invalid HTML breaks parsing.