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Changes for version 1.000000

  • 00 Major Release
    • Many far reaching changes in packaging.
    • Very little visible user interface change.
    • Very serious dependency side changes to reduce aggregate dependency weight ( and install time ).
    • 40 aggregate deps on 5.8 vs the previous releases 65.
    • 7 aggregate deps on 5.19 vs the previous releases 38.
  • 01 Depecated stuff is deprecated
    • 5 Years really aught to be enough for people to notice a deprecation notice.
    • so things I marked as deprecated before Dec 4 2009, are now gone.
  • 02 Exporter Switched to Sub::Exporter::Progressive
    • This is only possible due to nuking the deprecated behavior.
    • This overall will reduce dependency weight for fresh installs using MXHS
    • If you need advanced behaviour, please install Sub::Exporter yourself, and Sub::Exporter::Progressive will be happy with proxying.
  • 03 Toolkit switched to EUMM
    • Toolkit was moved to EUMM.
    • Toolkit related dependency ramping has been eliminated in favour of ramping recommendatons instead.
    • This should substantially reduce dependency weight on fresh perls.
  • 04 namespace::clean is in use instead of namespace::autoclean
    • Mostly, because the latter hard depends on Moose.
  • 05 Moosy inference removed from hard dependency path
    • Moose is no longer a "hard" testing dependency.
    • MooseX::Types::Moose is no longer a hard testing dependency.
    • Both dependencies exist for integration tests for Moose.
    • which are probably irrelevant to you if you're not using Moose.
    • but MooseX::Has::Sugar is really just a fancy package of constants, which can work on either Moose or Moo
    • so depending on Moose to support a Moo project is bad.
    • so thats fixed now. ☺
  • 06 More recommendations
    • As referenced in above sections, more heavy focus is moving towards "recommended" deps. Recommended deps are very useful, and they may give you better test coverage, or better features, or better bug resilience, but they're not really things you want to force people who use your code to install.
    • So `recommended` deps are declared to help you get the best bang for your buck
    • While giving people who only want "acceptable standards, but now" a faster installpath.
    • use cpanm --with-recommended or something.
  • 07 Versioning Scheme
    • x.\d{8} was getting really boring and hard to read.
    • so x.\d{6} is now the standard.
    • this sort of regressive mantissa length change is only acceptable in conjunction with the major increment, because 1.x is unambiguously larger than 0.x in every western number system I've ever seen, with the exception of Date Formats, which nobody at all agrees upon anyway.
  • Dependencies::Stats
    • Dependencies changed since 0.05070422, see Changes.deps{,.all,.dev} for details
    • build: -1
    • configure: +2 -1
    • develop: +9 ↑1 -9
    • runtime: +1 -1
    • test: +11 ↓1 -3
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