Kent Fredric πŸ”₯🐢🍡πŸ”₯

Changes for version 1.000000

  • 00 Supermajor Changes - Breaking Everything
    • This release comes with many significant changes that are likely to break any closely built dependencies.
    • External export interface contains no visible changes, but underyling plumbing is under heavy construction.
  • 01 Role Refactory
    • Any existing code that relied on previous roles or base classes will be BROKEN by this release.
    • Roles again reimplemented and split to be more horizonal instead of vertically integrated.
    • This means all Heuristics need to provide a ->matches() or ->excludes() method now, and manually call their composite roles, and manually set $result_object->result(1) where relevant.
  • 02 Base class removal
    • Base classes that we're deprecated in 0.6.0 are gone now.
  • 03 Version Schema Change
    • Version scheme is now Y.nnnnnn . If this is a problem for you, this means you're a downstream who doesn't normalise versions yet. Please learn to normalise, perl upstream break your assumptions.
    • Versions will retain semantic difference, just there more "perl internals" friendly.
  • 04 New Heuristic Match Types
    • Now a Matcher that matches on full paths
  • 05 New Negative Heuristics
    • ::HomeDir - Excludes all the paths returned by File::HomeDir
    • ::PerlINC - Excludes all the paths in
  • 06 Updated Heuristic Sets
    • ::Basic now includes ::HomeDir and ::PerlINC exclusions
  • 07 Internals
    • Requirement for matches to debug themselves greatly reduced.
    • Matches now only need to report context feedback via the result object
    • The result object intelligently executes relevant debugging intel
  • Dependencies::Added / runtime requires
    • File::HomeDir
  • Dependencies::Changed / develop requires
    • Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::KENTNL v1.9.0Β β†’Β 2.000000
    • Test::Kwalitee 1.08Β β†’Β 1.12
  • Dependencies::Changed / runtime requires
    • perl v5.10.0Β β†’Β 5.006
  • Dependencies::Changed / test requires
    • Test::More 0.98Β β†’Β 0.99
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