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Kent Fredric
Path::IsDev - Determine if a given Path resembles a development source tree
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Changelog - Determine if a path contains a Changelog (or similar)
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::DevDirMarker - Determine if a path contains a .devdir file
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::META - Determine if a path contains META.(json|yml)
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::MYMETA - Determine if a path contains MYMETA.(json|yml)
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Makefile - Determine if a path contains a Makefile
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::TestDir - Determine if a path contains a t/ or xt/ directory
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Tool::Dzil - Determine if a path is a Dist::Zilla Source tree
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Tool::MakeMaker - Determine if a path is an EUMM Tooled source directory
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Tool::ModuleBuild - Determine if a path is a Module::Build Source tree
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::VCS::Git - Determine if a path contains a .git repository
Path::IsDev::HeuristicSet::Basic - Basic IsDev set of Heuristics
Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::HomeDir - User home directories are not development roots
Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::IsDev::IgnoreFile - An explicit exclusion file heuristic
Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::PerlINC - White-list paths in Config.pm as being non-development roots.
Path::IsDev::Object - Object Oriented guts for IsDev export
Path::IsDev::Result - Result container
Path::IsDev::Role::Heuristic - Base role for Heuristic things.
Path::IsDev::Role::HeuristicSet - Role for sets of Heuristics.
Path::IsDev::Role::HeuristicSet::Simple - Simple excludes/includes set
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::BaseName::MatchRegexp - Match when a path has a child file matching an expression
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::BaseName::MatchRegexp::File - Match if any children have basenames that match a regexp and are files
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::Exists::Any - Match if any of a list of children exists
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::Exists::Any::Dir - Match if a path contains one of any of a list of directories
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::Exists::Any::File - Match if a path contains one of any of a list of files
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::FullPath::Is::Any - Match if the current directory is the same directory from a list of absolute paths.
Path::IsDev::Role::NegativeHeuristic - Base role for Negative Heuristic things.
Changes for version 1.000002
  • Bug Fixes
    • Attempt to avoid failures on some Win32's where methods other than File::HomeDir->my_home don't work at all.
  • Dependencies::Stats
    • Dependencies changed, see Changes.deps{,.all,.dev} for details
    • develop: ↑1
  • Maintenance
    • Split Changes into Changes.{deps,deps.all,deps.dev} for easier reading for maintainers.

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