Kent Fredric πŸ”₯🐢🍡πŸ”₯
and 2 contributors

Changes for version 0.3.1

  • 00 MAJOR Changes
    • Guts overhaulled so everywhere file IO was done directly, or via PortageXS::Core::getFileContents, it is instead now done by Path::Tiny.
    • DirHandle based traversal replaced by Path::Tiny iterate()
    • Many linewise readers replaced with shorter Path::Tiny->lines
    • Primary configuaration code now modularised to MakeConf, and everywhere that used that 'getParamFromFile' previously is now proxied there via pxs->config-getParam()
    • getPortdir() is now deprecated in favour of the lowercase portdir, which is an inroad to eventually one day using moo lazy accessors.
    • more dependence on shared configuration for paths, but still warty
  • Dependencies::Added / develop requires
    • Test::CPAN::Changes 0.19
  • Dependencies::Added / runtime requires
    • IO::Handle
    • Path::Tiny
  • Dependencies::Removed / runtime requires
    • DirHandle
    • Exporter
  • Documentation
    • Code now annotated with MetaPOD
  • Misc
    • Examples moved to top level
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