Kent Fredric πŸ”₯🐢🍡πŸ”₯
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.2103

  • A Trial release to show that this project is still alive.
  • Modules
    • Removed Field::Role::Validateable. Its been warning for 2 years now, hopefully thats enough.
    • Added Form::Role::ErrorStore and Form::Role::Validity to commonise some shared code.
    • Added Form::Types for various type constraints.
  • Other
    • Moved to Moose 0.90 Attribute Helpers
    • Refactored some of the error handling code.
    • Refactored some of the form methods to be handlers.
    • +MX::Types
    • Refactored some of the validity code out.
    • Refactored to use Module::Pluggable::Object instead of BUILD/eval nasties.
  • Packaging
    • Overhauled the dist.ini to be more 2011 and less 2009.
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