QueueWizard allows for fast creation of queues by cloning a
pre-existing queue, and all group rights associated with it, to a new
queue.  Additionally, it automatically creates a new procmail file in
$RT::ProcmailDir/auto with the rules needed to automatically start
filtering into that queue.

Queues use the value of the Organization configuration variable as
the domain of their default comment and correspond e-mail addresses.
The queue name is used as the user of the correspond address, and,
with '.comment' appended, as the user of the comment address.

The html/QueueWizard/Admin/Elements/ProcmailRule file controls the
format of the procmail file generated by the QueueWizard.

Individual procmail rules are written to the $RT::ProcmailDir/auto
directory; they are included in one of two ways:

1. If the $RT::ProcmailControlFile variable is set, it will have a
   line appended to it for every procmail file written to the 'auto'

2. If $RT::ProcmailControlFile is not set, it assumes you are using
   the included includeall.rc file, which automatically includes all
   procmail files in the 'auto' directory underneath it.  This option
   requires procmail version 3.14 or higher.

     The includeall.rc files does its magic by creating a LIST
   variable that contains the output of 'ls' on the 'auto/' directory.
   Then, it matches the fist line of the LIST varaible, includes that
   file, and then re-runs includeall.rc using SWITCHRC -- which starts
   on the second line of the output of ls.  In this way, each procmail
   file in the 'auto/' directory is included.