PGPLOT module Changes list

CHANGES v2.20, released, May 16th 2007

* Doug Burke's Makefile.PL patch - re-org and better OS X support.
* Added /usr/local/pgplot to the include search path
* Added -png to the default list of libs as just about every pgplot build needs this
* Now works cleanly on Intel and PPC OS X with gcc, g77 and gfortran
* Added INSTALL, INSTALL-MacOSX and INSTALL-Win32 instruction files and updated README

CHANGES v2.19, released Jan 3rd, 2006

* Diab's patch to allow specifying alternate libary paths on the command line (see HELP)
* Added pgpt1 and pgerr1 back for compatibility with latest C PGPLOT
* Win32 patches from Rob - Sisyphus <> (2005/1/25)

CHANGES v2.18, released Dec 28th 2000

* Added file HINTS.osf, updated HELP
* Fixed memory leak in coerce1D (thanks to Pete Ratzlaff)
* Added Doug Hunt's internals patch to export more pgplot C routines
* Improvements to HELP file

CHANGES v2.17, released May 8th, 2000

* Charles Lane's patch to do with new perl versions (PL_XXX stuff)
* Changed my email address.

CHANGES v2.16, released Mar 10th, 2000

* Added function struct to allow access to expose certain PGPLOT
  routines to the outside (currently cpgmove, cpgdraw)

CHANGES 2.15 released Oct 26th 1999

* Fixed Makefile.PL minor problem

CHANGES 2.14 released Oct 15th 1999

* Updated HELP some more.
* Removed ExtUtils from distribution and made seperate to avoid confusing
  CPAN, is now a PREREQ_PM
* Removed erroneous reference in (Charles Lane).
* Added HINTS.irix

CHANGES v2.13 released May 14th, 1999

* Updates to ExtUtils::F77 (now v1.10) (q.t.) for RedHat 6.0 etc.

CHANGES v2.12 released May 11th, 1999

* Added PGPLOT_DIR to path for include files.
* Removed pgpt1 and pgerrb1 left over from old perl4 version - see
  pgcompatbility.p if you still need them.
* Changed macro names for perl 5.004_53 (Joshua Pritikin 
  <>) and inserted a conditional so older perl's
  still work.
* More ExtUtils::F77 changes (now at v1.09)  
* Small patch from Chuck Lane <>
* Fixed error in test12.p
CHANGES v2.11 released Sep 11th, 1998

* Added support for PGPLOT_DIR in Makefile.PL, updated HELP.
* Mentioned 'perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=...' in README.
* More HELP stuff.
* ExtUtils::F77 v1.08

CHANGES v2.10 released May 21st, 1998.

* Various changes to ExtUtils::F77 q.v.

CHANGES v2.09 released 17/Feb/98

* Documented xubpp problem in HELP because I got fed uo
  with waiting for p5p to fix. No other changes.

CHANGES v2.08 released 8/Jan/98

* Added improved -lgcc support.
* PGPLOT version check in test12.p

CHANGES (v2.06 to 2.07)

* Added support for new functions in PGPLOT 5.2.0 library. Note: TK
  driver looks nice but haven't yet implemented this in perl version.
  Presumably can be done with perl/Tk.
* Extra test12.p for new routines

* No longer supporting binary versions in any shape or form. Life is too 
  short. Get a FORTRAN compiler. :-)

* Added -lgcc for gcc built perls in ExtUtils::F77

CHANGES (v2.02 to 2.06)

(OK I know I should have been more organised about updating this

* Important bug fixes to array packing code which is now 
  called arrays.{c,h}

* Added fake MAIN__ symbol to stop annoying bug reports about some
  versions of gcc. :-)

* arrays.c now supports unsigned chars and shorts. (Thanks Tim!)

* Additions to HELP and documentation

* Patches to improve ExtUtils::F77

* Improvements to tests

* pgcompatibilty.p (NOT INSTALLED!) defines simple compatibilty
  routines for perl4 pgperl version. This had some gnarly single point
  versions of routines which are now superfluous.

CHANGES (v2.02 from 2.01) 

o Made Makefile.PL more clever.

o Added a file HELP with useful problem fixing information.

o Fixed some small type cast bugs in kgbpack.c

CHANGES (v2.01 from 1.0b) 

o No longer providing perl4 version.

o All the array packing functions reimplemented in C to improve
  speed and robustness.

o Simplified build procedure - PGPLOT module should now build
  in standard Perl way. (i.e. 'perl Makefile.PL; make; make test; make
  install'). Makefile.PL should not have to be edited and upgrading
  should now be much easier.

o Added 'pass by reference' convention to allow explicit use of
  pre-packed binary data.

o Supports pgplot routines up to pgplot v5.1.1.

o Added POD documentation.

o FORTRAN link support is now via ExtUtils::F77 module (included).

o Now providing binaries of pgplot libraries for various
  architectures rather than statically-linked module binaries. This
  should make upgrading easier.

o Removed special one-point routine versions (hang-over from
  perl4 version).

o Removed (again a hang-over from old perl4 version).

o General tidy up and reorganisation of distribution