Revision history for Perl extension XML::SAX::Base.

1.01 Mon Nov 26 01:56:33 2001
	- added set_handler method (and friends).
	- added to test suite

1.00 Tue Nov 20 01:01:22 2001
	- created standalone 1.0 distribution.

0.22 Tue Oct 30 18:54:03 2001
	- changed the name to reflect the fact that this is really
	a base class for any kind of SAX Driver (Fitlers being only
	a specific case of Drivers).
	- added some more SAX2 compatibility options

0.19 - 0.21 Sun Oct 14 11:06:23 2001
	- Major architectural changes.
	- Base now uses an agressive method caching strategy
	  in which the various possible handler classes are
          explicity checked (via 'can') for a method implementation.
	  Failing that, the classes are examined for an
          'AUTOLOAD' sub and the given method is called directly
          on that class-- if that call dies for a reason other
	  "Can't find object method 'foo'" the error is propigated.
          If an appropriate method is found, the coderef cached
	  in the instance's 'Methods' HASH
          ($self->{Methods}->{$method_name}) which is used for
	  subsequent calls to that method.

0.17 - Fri Oct 12 23:43 2001
	- More clean-up.

0.15  Mon Oct 08 18:12:33 2001
        - added '' to generate offline
          rather than building subs at compile time.
        - fixed 'dangling $@' that was causing parse to die
          in undesirable cases because, although the module was
          rightly skipping over cases where a handler method
          was not implemented, $@ was still set globally and
          causing problems further up the food-chain.
          *pizzas welcome* ;->

0.11  Sat Oct 06 21:08:42 2001
	- modifications by Robin Berjon to provide full SAX1 and
	SAX2 support, along with proper handler defaulting and

0.10  Sat Sep 01 08:53:42 2001
	- patches by Kip Hampton to avoid throwing events that
	aren't defined

0.01  Fri May 18 16:26:33 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19