Mobile POP Relay Control - How To

	o How to create my own agents
		Read over the README file for further documentation.
		Please send any newly created agents to the author.

	o How to reload an agent's config-file without restarting
		Send a HUP signal to the running agent.

	o How to contribute to this project
		a.   Define What to Contribute
			Read over the Changes log for any outstanding work 
			you feel capable of finishing.  If you're creative, 
			try to envision a new feature this software lacks.

		b.  Email Describing the Contribution
			If unsure about the addition then email the author
			to make sure your not starting an already work in progress.

		c. Email the Contribution
			Please email the contribution to the author.
			If this is a code modification, provide a patch against 
			the latest development release.  Thank you again for helping out!

	Any contributions are warmly welcome and everyone is encouraged
	to participate.  Suggestions are also welcome. 

	Keith Hoerling <>

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