Mobile POP Relay Control - Install

	o Generate the Makefile
		$ perl Makefile.PL

	o Run make
		$ make

	o Run install
		$ make install

	o Run test
		$ make test

	o Install the poprealyd_cleanup script
		$ perldoc /usr/bin/poprelayd_cleanup

	o Chooose a config file in the ./conf directory

	o Run an agent
		a. Run one of the provided agents
			$ /usr/bin/poprelay_ipop3d config-file
			- or -
			$ /usr/bin/poprelay_qpopper config-file
			- or -
			$ /usr/bin/poprelay_vpopd config-file

			Note: Some modification of the supplied config files may be required
			      to precisely match your configuration.  Please edit them accordingly.
			      Furthermore, sending a HUP signal to a running agent will force
			      it to reload its config-file.

		b. Create an agent if no existing agent currently supports your POP server
			$ perldoc Mail::POPRelay

		   Send all newly created agents and config files to the author for incorporation into 
		   the next release.

	o Install an init script

		a. For Redhat based systems:

			$ edit ./bin/poprelayd
			$ cp ./bin/poprelayd /etc/init.d/

		b. For other systems:

			An init script is not currently provided.
			Please create your own and feel free to send it for
			incorporation into the next release.

	o Create appropriate symlinks in your rc directories for 
	  kill and start modes or use `chkconfig'

	Keith Hoerling <>

$Id: INSTALL,v 1.2 2002/08/20 01:25:37 keith Exp $