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Changes for version 0.0943 - 2021-04-19

  • add <=> and cmp operator
  • add {} array init syntax
  • remove SPVM::Sort->sortstr
  • change the definition of the following SPVM::Sort functions.
    • Before
      • sub sortb : void ($nums : byte[])
    • After
    • Before
      • sub sorts : void ($nums : short[])
    • After
      • sub sorts : void ($nums : short[], $offset : int, $length : int, $comparator : SPVM::Comparator::Short)
    • Before
      • sub sorti : void ($nums : int[])
    • After
      • sub sorti : void ($nums : int[], $offset : int, $length : int, $comparator : SPVM::Comparator::Int)
    • Before
    • After
      • sub sortl : void ($nums : long[], $offset : int, $length : int, $comparator : SPVM::Comparator::Long)
    • Before
      • sub sub sortf : void ($nums : float[])
    • After
      • sub sub sortf : void ($nums : float[], $offset : int, $length : int, $comparator : SPVM::Comparator::Float)
    • Before
    • After
      • sub sortd : void ($nums : double[], $offset : int, $length : int, $comparator : SPVM::Comparator::Double)
    • Before
      • sub sorto : void ($objs : oarray, $comparator : SPVM::Comparator::Object)
    • After
      • sub sorto : void ($objs : oarray, $offset : int, $length : int, $comparator : SPVM::Comparator::Object)
  • remove SPVM::Comparator
  • add SPVM::Comparator::Byte
  • add SPVM::Comparator::Short
  • add SPVM::Comparator::Int
  • add SPVM::Comparator::Long
  • add SPVM::Comparator::Float
  • add SPVM::Comparator::Double
  • add SPVM::Comparator::Object


SPVM compiler to create exe file


Static Perl Virtual Machine. Fast Calculation, Fast Array Operation, and Easy C/C++ Binding.
Blessed object base class
Array based blessed object
Package based blessed object
String based blessed object
Build SPVM program
Native code Compiler and linker. Wrapper of ExtUtils::CBuilder for SPVM
build config
Build Utilities
Byte object
Continuous dynamic byte array
a callback type to clone a object
a callback type for byte comparation
a callback type for double comparation
a callback type for float comparation
a callback type for int comparation
a callback type for long comparation
a callback type for comparation
a callback type for short comparation
Complex double multi numeric type
Complex float multi numeric type
Double object
Continuous dynamic double array
a callback type to check the equality
a equality checker to check the equality of adresses of two object.
SPVM Exchange API
Float object
Continuous dynamic float array
Key-Values Stored Data Structrue
Hash entry
Standard out
Standard out
Int object
Continuous dynamic int array
Continuous dynamic object array
Long object
Continuous dynamic long array
Mathmatical functions
Regular expression
Regular expression pattern
a callback type for the regex replacement
Short object
Continuous dynamic short array
Sort functions
String buffer
Continuous dynamic string array
a callback type for stringification
Time manipulation
Time information
Unicode utilities.
Variouse utilities


in lib/SPVM/Builder/Exe.pm