Changes for version 0.9665 - 2022-12-10

  • Internal Compatible Changes
    • Renamed spvm_api_vm.h to spvm_vm.h.
    • Renamed spvm_api_vm.c to spvm_vm.c.
    • Renamed SPVM_API_VM_call_spvm_method_vm to SPVM_VM_call_spvm_method.
    • Added SPVM_API_call_spvm_method_vm.
    • Renamed spvm_inline_api.h to spvm_implement.h
    • Shared opcodes in vm codes and precompiled codes.
    • The CALL_METHOD opcode is separated to the logic of calling method and return the value.
  • Runtime Performance Degration
    • For the reason that shared opcodes in vm codes and precompiled codes, the runtime performance maybe degraded a little.
  • Compililation Performance Improvement
    • The compilation time of the precompied codes are improved.
  • Compililation File Size Improvement
    • The compilation file size of the precompied codes become small.
  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed the potential bug of the stack of the arguments and return value.
  • Improve Excepion Messages
    • Improved exception messages.
      • After
        • "The %s basic type is not found", "The %s field is not found", "The %s class variable in the %s class is not found", "The %s class is not found", "The %s method in the %s class is not found",


SPVM compiler to create exe file
Generating SPVM Distribution


SPVM Language
Array Utilities
Blessed object base class
Array based blessed object
Class based blessed object
String based blessed object
Bool object
Build SPVM program
SPVM Builder Public APIs
Compiler and Linker of Native Sources
Link Information
Configurations of Compile and Link of Native Sources
Configurations of creating excutable files.
Create a Executable File
Library Information
Link Information
Object file information
Resourceurations of Compile and Link of Native Sources
Build Utilities
Public APIs of the utility of SPVM Builder
Byte Class
Dynamic byte Array
Interface Type to Clone Object
Interface Type for the Callback to Clone a Object
Command Line Information
Interface Type for Object Comparation Callback
Interface Type for double Comparation Callback
Interface Type for float Comparation Callback
Interface Type for int Comparation Callback
Interface Type for long Comparation Callback
Interface Type for String Comparation Callback
double Complex Type
float Complex Type
SPVM Performance Benchmark
SPVM Exchange API
SPVM Language Specification
SPVM Language Specification
SPVM Standard Modules
SPVM Native APIs
SPVM Allocator Native APIs
SPVM Compiler Native APIs
SPVM Precompile Native APIs
SPVM Runtime Native APIs
SPVM String Buffer Native APIs
How to write the native module
How to write the resource module
SPVM Performance Tutorial
Double Class
Dynamic double Array
Interface Type for Object Equality Checking Callback
a callback implementation of EqualityChecker to check if the memory addresses of the two objects are equal.
Not Supported Error
System Error
SPVM Exchange API
Float Class
Dynamic float Array
SPVM Starndard Functions
Format Utilities
Hash Data Structure
Hash entry
Int Class
Dynamic int Array
Dynamic Object Array
Long Class
Dynamic long Array
Point Interface
Point 3D
Executing Handler at End of Scope
Handler of Scope::Guard
Short Class
Dynamic short Array
Sorting Functions
String Buffer
Dynamic string array
A Interface Type to Stringify a Object
Interface Type for Stringing Callback
Time Manipulation
struct tm in C language


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