Changes for version 0.9684 - 2022-01-24

  • New Features
    • Added the api function in the SPVM class.
    • Added the feature that creating SVPM::ExchangeAPI object
    • Added the SPVM::ExchangeAPI::Class class.
    • Added the class method in the SPVM::ExchangeAPI.
    • The compile method in the Compiler class support undef class name.
  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed the bug that the build_runtime method in the Compiler class can't be called only after the compile method is called.
  • Document Change
    • SPVM::Document::ExchangeAPI is rewritten by way to using the SVPM::ExchangeAPI object. and its content is moved into the document of SPVM and SPVM::ExchangeAPI.
  • Deprecation
    • The following SPVM::xxx functions are deprecated. These functions will be removed in the future. Use the methods in the L<SPVM::ExchangeAPI> directly.
      • new_byte_array new_byte_array_unsigne new_byte_array_len new_byte_array_from_bin new_byte_array_from_string new_short_array new_short_array_unsigned new_short_array_len new_short_array_from_bin new_int_array new_int_array_unsigned new_int_array_len new_int_array_from_bin new_long_array new_long_array_unsigned new_long_array_len new_long_array_from_bin new_float_array new_float_array_len new_float_array_from_bin new_double_array new_double_array_len new_double_array_from_bin new_string new_string_from_bin new_object_array new_object_array_len new_any_object_array new_mulnum_array new_mulnum_array_from_bin new_string_array new_string_array_len get_exception set_exception get_memory_blocks_count call_method new_address_object
    • How to rewrite the code:
      • Before my $int_array = SPVM::new_int_array([1, 2, 3]);
      • After my $api = SPVM::api(); my $int_array = $api->new_int_array([1, 2, 3]);
    • Incompatible Changes
      • The new_byte_array_from_string method in the SPVM::ExchangeAPI class doesn't perform C<utf8::encode>. This method becomes the same as the new_byte_array_from_bin method.
    • Document Bug Fix
      • Fixed the document bug that currently the methods in the SPVM::ExchangeAPI doesn't perform any encodeing/decoding using utf8::encode/utf8::decode to create strings, but the doc of Exchange API remains this.


SPVM compiler to create exe file
Generating SPVM Distribution


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Array Utilities
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Array based blessed object
Class based blessed object
String based blessed object
Bool object
Build SPVM program
SPVM Builder Public APIs
Compiler and Linker of Native Sources
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Configurations of creating excutable files.
Create a Executable File
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Interface Type for Object Equality Checking Callback
a callback implementation of EqualityChecker to check if the memory addresses of the two objects are equal.
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System Error
SPVM Exchange API
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Hash Data Structure
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Handler of Scope::Guard
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String Buffer
Dynamic string array
A Interface Type to Stringify a Object
Interface Type for Stringing Callback
Time Manipulation
struct tm in C language


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