Changes for version 0.481005 - 2023-06-08

  • Prerequirement Changes
    • SPVM 0.989002+ is required.


System Calls for File IO, User, Process, Signal, Socket
Environemnt Variable
File Tests
IO System Call
Constant values for IO.
the class for the DIR type in C language.
struct dirent in C language
the class for the FILE type in C language.
struct flock in C language
The stat Functions and The struct stat in C language
struct utimbuf in C language
IO System Call on Windows
ioctl System Call
Constant values for ioctl.
System Calls for OS
Poll System Call
Constant values for Poll.
Array of struct pollfd in C language
Process System Call
Constant Values for Process
Select System Call
Constant values for Select.
fd_set Type in C Language
Signal System Call
Sys::Signal::Constant is a SPVM module
Sys::Signal::Handler is a SPVM module
Signal Handler that Represents SIG_DFL in C language.
Signal Handler that Represents SIG_IGN in C language
Signal Handler to Monitor Signals
Signal Handler that is unknwon.
Socket System Call
struct addrinfo in C language
Sys::Socket::AddrinfoLinkedList is a SPVM module
Socket Constant Values
The address is not a valid network address.
struct in6_addr in C language
struct in_addr in C language
struct ip_mreq in C language
struct ip_mreq_source in C language
struct ipv6_mreq in C language
struct sockaddr in C language
struct sockaddr_in in C language
struct sockaddr_in6 in C language
Interface for Sys::Socket::Sockaddr
struct sockaddr_storage in C language
struct sockaddr_un in C language
System Calls for Time Manipulation
Constant Values for Time
struct timeval in C language
struct timespec in C language
struct timeval in C language
struct timezone in C language
struct tm in C language
struct tms in C language
User System Call
Entry of Group Database
Entry of Password Database