Changes for version 1.20

  • Added methods to new Locale::SubCountry::World package
  • new
  • all_full_names
  • all_codes
  • full_name_code_hash
  • code_full_name_hash
  • NOTE! all_full_names method replaces the stand alone all_country_names function all_codes method replaces the stand alone all_country_codes function The above method names duplicate existing method names (polymorphism), so make sure you are working with the right type of object first.
  • These changes were necessary because of user requests for country name and code look ups prior to sub-country lookups. Previous versions would not work with Locale::Country because of a clash in exported names. Thanks to Todd Green for this suggestion.
  • Added the FIPS 10-4 (US standard) for many sub countries Added FIPS10_4_code method Added ISO3166_2_code method Added many corrections to sub country names Thanks to TJ MAther for adding FIPS codes and fixing other data errors
  • Added extra tests to main.t Prefixed internal data structure elements with a dash, to follow OO convention
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