$Id: README,v 1.3 1998/01/02 21:44:48 ken Exp $


		     A Perl 5 module for creating
	       SGML::Grove objects from POD documents.

			     Ken MacLeod


    NOTICE: this version is just a stub, Pod::GroveBuilder is not yet

    Pod::GroveBuilder uses Pod::Parser to create SGML::Grove objects.
    The grove objects can then be used with other modules that accept
    them, including writing SGML/XML with SGML::Writer, formatting
    with Quilt, or performing multiple passes or working with multiple
    PODs at the same time using SGML::Grove.

    See the file Changes for user-visible changes.  See
    Pod::GroveBuilder for usage.  See SGML::Grove for details on what
    to do with the grove after it's loaded.

    Newer versions of this module can be found at
    <ftp://ftp.uu.net/vendor/bitsko/gdo/>.  Pod::GroveBuilder shares a
    mailing list with Quilt.  To subscribe to the Quilt mailing list,
    send a message with the word `subscribe' in the Subject: field to

    Copyright (C) 1997 Ken MacLeod
    Pod::GroveBuilder is distributed under the same terms as Perl.
    See the file COPYING for distribution terms.


    Pod::GroveBuilder requires Pod::Parser, SGML::Grove,
    Class::Visitor, and Class::Eroot.


    SGML and Class modules are also available at Quilt's source site.


    Pod::GroveBuilder installs as a standard Perl module,

        perl Makefile.PL
        make test
        make install

    Pod::GroveBuilder includes an RPM spec file that can be used to
    create Linux RPM packages or Solaris packages using the Perl
    module PkgMaker.