1999-09-03  Ken MacLeod  <ken@jess>

	* t/factory.t: added

	* lib/XML/Grove/Factory.pm: added

1999-09-01  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/Grove/Sub.pm (visit_document): changed $grove to

1999-08-24  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/Grove/AsString.pm (attr_as_string): missing =over/=back

	* release 0.45alpha

	* lib/XML/Grove/Subst.pm (subst_hash): typo in POD

1999-08-17  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/Grove/Subst.pm: add POD, add subst() and subst_hash()
	methods to XML::Grove::Document and XML::Grove::Element

	* lib/XML/Grove/XPointer.pm: deprecated, add POD

	* lib/XML/Grove/Sub.pm, lib/XML/Grove/Path.pm: add POD

1999-08-16  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/Grove/Builder.pm, lib/XML/Grove/IDs.pm: add POD

	* lib/XML/Grove/AsString.pm: converted to mixed-case options
	(new): accept key, value pairs or hash
	(entity_map_filter, entity_map_options, entity_map, filter): removed

	* lib/XML/Grove/AsCanonXML.pm: converted to mixed-case options
	(new): accept key, value pairs or hash
	(comments): removed

1999-08-11  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* examples/xml2eml/*: deleted, was dependent on

1999-08-10  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/Grove/ToObjects.pm: deleted, replaced by

	* lib/XML/Grove/PerlSAX.pm (parse): major changes to bring up to

1999-05-26  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* MANIFEST, XML-Grove.spec: updated for moved alpha modules

	* DOM-ecmascript.pod: updated, removed references to Parent

	* alpha: removed; moved examples to `examples/' and modules to

	* DOM: updated, added GetElementsByTagName and Normalize

	* lib/XML/Grove/Builder.pm (end_document): remove call to

	* lib/XML/Grove.pm: major doc update, remove emphasis on

	* DOM-ecmascript.pod: renamed occurrences of Perl SAX to PerlSAX

	* lib/XML/Grove/SAX.pm: rename to PerlSAX.pm

	* README: major update, move alpha modules here

	* alpha/xml2eml/xml2eml.pl: update to PerlSAX

	* alpha/lib/XML/Grove/Subst.pm (visit_element): return Characters
	object if substitute value is a scalar

1999-05-06  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@serpentina.terrapinlabs.com>

	* lib/XML/Grove.pm, t/grove.t: rename SAXPerl to PerlSAX

	* lib/XML/Grove.pm: add $type_name class var to all classes

	* examples/grove.pl, examples/my-html.pl, examples/visitor.pl:
	convert to PerlSAX/Grove::Builder

1999-04-30  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@serpentina.terrapinlabs.com>

	* Makefile.PL: added a PREREQ_PM for XML::Parser

1999-02-17  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@outlaw.cycletime.com>

	* lib/XML/Grove.pm: moved property set methods to

	* lib/XML/Grove/Node.pm: moved to libxml/lib/Data/Grove/Tied.pm

	* lib/XML/Grove/Visitor.pm: moved to

	* lib/XML/Grove/Visitor.pm: dynamically check visitor to see if
	will accept callbacks

1999-02-16  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@outlaw.cycletime.com>

	* DOM-ecmascript.pod: added

	* lib/XML/Grove.pm: reformatted using better lists

1999-02-15  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@outlaw.cycletime.com>

	* lib/XML/Grove/Builder.pm: fix several bugs found with
	ESISParser; move Entities, Notations, AppInfo, and Conforming into
	XML::Grove::Document object

	* lib/XML/Grove.pm: minor doc fixes

1999-02-10  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@outlaw.cycletime.com>

	* lib/XML/Grove/Builder.pm (subdoc_start): fix typo in $contents