2003-10-21  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* t/stream.t: fixed test 11 for Perl >= 5.6

2001-07-23  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/SAX2Perl.pm (startElement): typo; reported by
	mhershb@mcdermott.com (Mark A. Hershberger)

2000-03-30  Ken MacLeod  <ken@localhost.localdomain>

	* doc/index.html (Contributors): added Clark Cooper

	* MANIFEST (doc/sax-2.0.html, doc/sax-2.0-adv.html): added

2000-03-20  Ken MacLeod  <ken@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Data/Grove/Visitor.pm (_children_accept_name): add return
	@return; reported by Laurent CAPRANI <caprani@multimania.com>

2000-03-07  Ken MacLeod  <ken@localhost.localdomain>

	* doc/sax-2.0.html, doc/sax-2.0-adv.html: added

2000-03-02  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/ESISParser.pm: add -E0 to NSGMLS_FLAGS to not limit the
	number of errors reported; suggested by Charles Thayer
	(parse_fh): report line and line number on command character
	errors; also suggested by Charles

2000-02-22  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* doc/index.html (Contributors): added Michael Koehne, KangChan
	Lee, and Colin Muller

	* doc/mirror.sh, doc/index.html: added

2000-02-17  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* doc/modules.xml: fixed several well-formedness errors; reported
	by KangChan Lee <dolphin@ce.cnu.ac.kr>

1999-12-22  Ken MacLeod  <ken@jess>

	* lib/Data/Grove.pm, lib/Data/Grove/Parent.pm,
	lib/Data/Grove/Visitor.pm, lib/XML/Handler/XMLWriter.pm,
	lib/XML/Handler/CanonXMLWriter.pm, lib/XML/Handler/Subs.pm,
	lib/XML/SAX2Perl.pm, lib/XML/Perl2SAX.pm, lib/XML/ESISParser.pm,
	lib/XML/Parser/PerlSAX.pm, lib/XML/PatAct/Amsterdam.pm,
	lib/XML/PatAct/MatchName.pm, lib/XML/PatAct/ToObjects.pm: added

	* lib/XML/Parser/PerlSAX.pm (_handle_start): support
	UseAttributeOrder option
	(_handle_attlist): Changed EntityName to ElementName (re 9/28

1999-09-28  Ken MacLeod  <ken@jess>

	* lib/XML/Parser/PerlSAX.pm (_handle_attlist): typo: was calling

1999-09-09  Ken MacLeod  <ken@jess>

	* lib/XML/Parser/PerlSAX.pm: add start_cdata, end_cdata, and
	entity_reference events

1999-08-28  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/PatAct/Amsterdam.pm: added Output and AsString options,
	added support for attribute replacement

	* t/amsterdam.t: added

1999-08-18  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/Data/Grove.pm: added Data::Grove::Characters

	* lib/XML/ESISParser.pm (parse_fh): report newline as characters
	if no record_end() handler

	* lib/XML/PatAct/ToObjects.pm (_parse_action): removed debugging

1999-08-16  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* README: updated

	* doc/modules.xml (libxml-perl): updated

	* doc/PerlSAX.pod (Parameters): missing '>'

	* release 0.05

	* lib/XML/Parser/PerlSAX.pm (_handle_init): call set_document_locator

	* lib/XML/PatAct/ActionTempl.pm, lib/XML/PatAct/Amsterdam.pm,
	lib/XML/PatAct/MatchName.pm, lib/XML/PatAct/PatternTempl.pm (new):
	Accept both key, value pairs and hash options

	* lib/XML/PatAct/ToObjects.pm (new): 

	* lib/XML/Handler/Subs.pm: added

	* t/subs.t: added

	* t/stream.t: added

1999-08-15  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/Handler/XMLWriter.pm: added

	* lib/XML/Handler/Sample.pm: Placed in public domain

1999-08-14  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* doc/PerlSAX.pod: added an introduction, a ``Deviations from the Java version'' section, added `set_document_locator()' handler method

	* lib/XML/PatAct/ToObjects.pm: add CopyAttributes option, add
	-grove-contents action

1999-08-12  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/ESISParser.pm (parse_fh): dynamically test event handler

	* lib/XML/Parser/PerlSAX.pm (parse): wasn't capturing XML::Parser
	Element events

1999-08-10  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* README, doc/modules.xml: updated with PatAct modules

	* lib/XML/PatAct/ActionTempl.pm, lib/XML/PatAct/Amsterdam.pm,
	lib/XML/PatAct/MatchName.pm, lib/XML/PatAct/PatternTempl.pm,
	lib/XML/PatAct/ToObjects.pm: added

	* t/xp_sax.t, t/canon_xml_writer.t: added CVS ID

	* t/schema.t: added

	* examples/schema.xml, examples/schema.pl: added

	* doc/UsingPatActModules.pod, doc/CreatingPatActModules.pod: added

	* lib/XML/Parser/PerlSAX.pm (_handle_extern_ent): change "Perl
	SAX" to "PerlSAX" in doc

1999-08-09  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/ESISParser.pm (parse_fh): was not passing an empty hash

	* lib/XML/Parser/PerlSAX.pm (_handle_init, _handle_final): was not
	passing an empty hash

1999-05-26  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@serpentina.terrapinlabs.com>

	* lib/XML/Handler/CanonXMLWriter.pm, t/canon_xml_writer.t: added

1999-05-23  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/Data/Grove/Tied.pm: renamed to Parent.pm

	renamed libxml to libxml-perl

	* libxml.spec: renamed libxml-perl.spec

1999-05-17  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@serpentina.terrapinlabs.com>

	* libxml.spec: files in `doc/' go into top-dir of /usr/doc/$PKG

	* PerlSAX.pod: moved to doc/PerlSAX.pod

1999-05-09  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* doc/modules.xml: added

1999-05-08  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* doc/UsingPerlSAX.pod, examples/MyHandler.pm,
	examples/myhandler.pl, examples/myhandler.xml: added

1999-05-07  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@serpentina.terrapinlabs.com>

	* lib/XML/ESISParser.pm, lib/Data/Grove.pm,
	lib/XML/Handler/Sample.pm: added POD

1999-05-06  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@serpentina.terrapinlabs.com>

	* lib/Data/Grove/Visitor.pm: remove XML::Grove extensions and make

	* lib/XML/Parser/SAXPerl.pm: renamed PerlSAX.pm

	* lib/XML/Handler/Sample.pm: added

	* examples/perlsax-test.pl: added

	* examples/esis-test.pl: updated for new XML::ESISParser, moved
	handler (Receiver) to XML::Handler::Sample, added command line
	option for SGML

1999-04-30  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@serpentina.terrapinlabs.com>

	* Makefile.PL: added PREREQ_PM for XML::Parser

1999-04-15  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@serpentina.terrapinlabs.com>

	* lib/Data/Grove/Visitor.pm (accept): change XML:: to Data::

	* lib/Data/Grove.pm (new): %{ shift } was being read as %shift

1999-02-18  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@outlaw.cycletime.com>

	* lib/Data/Grove/Visitor.pm: was XML::Grove::Visitor

	* lib/Data/Grove/Tied.pm: was XML::Grove::Node

	* lib/Data/Grove.pm: created from XML::Grove

1999-02-15  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@outlaw.cycletime.com>

	* lib/XML/Parser/SAXPerl.pm (parse): add comments

	* lib/XML/ESISParser.pm: major changes for support of both XML and
	SGML, and ongoing Perl SAX updates

	* SAX.pod (end_document): noted that the return value of
	end_document() is the return value of parse()

	* README: added reference to FAQ, added module statuses, more
	cleary described ESISParser, require Perl 5.005

1999-02-13  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/ESISParser.pm: start move to Perl SAX

1999-02-12  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* lib/XML/SAX2Perl.pm, lib/XML/Perl2SAX.pm, lib/XML/ESISParser.pm:
	update to new Perl SAX

	* lib/XML/Parser/SAXPerl.pm (new): allow hash or key/value pairs

1999-02-12  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@outlaw.cycletime.com>

	* interface-style.pod: note still undecided items

	* lib/XML/Parser/SAXPerl.pm: fixes shown by xp_sax.t

	* t/xp_sax.t: added

	* lib/XML/Parser/SAXPerl.pm: added pod
	many changes for Perl SAX and XML::Parser::Expat

1999-02-11  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@outlaw.cycletime.com>

	* SAX.pod: suggestions from Eric Prud'hommeaux and Enno Derksen

	* interface-style.pod: suggestions from Larry Wall

1999-02-01  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* MANIFEST: updated

	* lib/XML/Parser/SAXPerl.pm: modified more towards Perl SAX

	* SAX.pod: added

1999-01-31  Ken MacLeod  <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>

	* interface-style.pod: added

1998-12-10  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@chelonia.bigplanet.com>

	* lib/XML/Parser/SAXPerl.pm: added

1998-12-08  Ken MacLeod  <kmacleod@chelonia.bigplanet.com>

	* MANIFEST: added