Apache::Htpasswd - Manage Unix crypt-style password file.

        use Apache::Htpasswd;

        $foo = new Apache::Htpasswd("path-to-file");

        # Add an entry    
        $foo->htpasswd("zog", "password");

        # Change a password    
        $foo->htpasswd("zog", "new-password", "old-password");
        # Change a password without checking against old password
        # The 1 signals that the change is being forced.
        $foo->htpasswd("zog", "new-password", 1);
        # Check that a password is correct
        $pwdFile->htCheckPassword("zog", "password");

        # Fetch an encrypted password 
        # Delete entry

        # If something fails, check error

        # Write in the extra info field
        $foo->writeInfo("login", "info");

        # Get extra info field for a user

    This module comes with a set of methods to use with htaccess password
    files. These files (and htaccess) are used to do Basic Authentication on
    a web server.

    The passwords file is a flat-file with login name and their associated
    crypted password. You can use this for non-Apache files if you wish, but
    it was written specifically for .htaccess style files.


        "path-to-file" should be the path and name of the file containing
        the login/password information.

        If a method returns an error, or a method fails, the error can be
        retrived by calling error()

    htCheckPassword("login", "password");
        Finds if the password is valid for the given login.

        Returns 1 if passes. Returns 0 if fails.

    htpasswd("login", "password");
        This will add a new user to the password file. Returns 1 if
        succeeds. Returns undef on failure.

        Delete users entry in password file.

        Returns 1 on success Returns undef on failure.

    htpasswd("login", "new-password", "old-password");
        If the *old-password* matches the *login's* password, then it will
        replace it with *new-password*. If the *old-password* is not
        correct, will return 0.

    htpasswd("login", "new-password", 1);
        Will replace the password for the login. This will force the
        password to be changed. It does no verification of old-passwords.

        Returns 1 if succeeds Returns undef if fails

        Returns *encrypted* password if succeeds. Returns 0 if login is
        invalid. Returns undef otherwise.

        Returns additional information if succeeds. Returns 0 if login is
        invalid. Returns undef otherwise.

    writeInfo("login", "info");
        Will replace the additional information for the login. Returns 0 if
        login is invalid. Returns undef otherwise.

    CryptPasswd("password", "salt");
        Will return an encrypted password using 'crypt'. If *salt* is
        ommitted, a salt will be generated. 

    You install Apache::Htpasswd, as you would install any perl module
    library, by running these commands:

       perl Makefile.PL
       make test
       make install
       make clean

    POD style documentation is included in the module. These are normally
    converted to manual pages and installed as part of the "make install"
    process. You should also be able to use the 'perldoc' utility to extract
    and read documentation from the module files directly.

    The latest version of Apache::Htpasswd should always be available from:


    Visit <URL:> to find a CPAN site near you.


    Revision 1.5.7  2004/08/23 09:05:12 Made generated salt more
		random. Tidied up the code a bit. Also added use of Crypt::PasswdMD5
		for Apache on MSWin for use of (modified) MD5 passwords on that
    Revision 1.5.5  2002/08/14 11:27:05 Newline issue fixed for certain conditions.

    Revision 1.5.4  2002/07/26 12:17:43 kevin doc fixes, new fetchUsers method,
    new ReadOnly option, named params for new(), various others

    Revision 1.5.3  2001/05/02 08:21:18 kevin Minor bugfix

    Revision 1.5.2  2001/04/03 09:14:57 kevin Really fixed newline problem :)

    Revision 1.5.1 2001/03/26 08:25:38 kevin Fixed newline problem

    Revision 1.5 2001/03/15 01:50:12 kevin Fixed small bug for newlines

    Revision 1.4 2001/02/23 08:23:46 kevin Added support for extra info

    Revision 1.3 2000/04/04 15:00:15 meltzek Made file locking safer to
    avoid race conditions. Fixed typo in docs.

    Revision 1.2 1999/01/28 22:43:45 meltzek Added slightly more verbose
    error croaks. Made sure error from htCheckPassword is only called when
    called directly, and not by $self.

    Revision 1.1 1998/10/22 03:12:08 meltzek Slightly changed how files
    lock. Made more use out of carp and croak. Made sure there were no ^M's
    as per Randal Schwartz's request.

    None knows at time of writting.

    Copyright 1998..2004, Kevin Meltzer. All rights reserved. It may be used
    and modified freely, but I do request that this copyright notice remain
    attached to the file. You may modify this module as you wish, but if you
    redistribute a modified version, please attach a note listing the
    modifications you have made.

    This is released under the same terms as Perl itself.

    Address bug reports and comments to:

    The author makes no warranties, promises, or gaurentees of this
    software. As with all software, use at your own risk.

    the Apache::Htgroup manpage